Wednesday, November 9, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 5 The Kitchen)

I posted photos of our new kitchen here. Not much has changed externally. It's mostly stuff behind the cupboards and in the drawers that changed as I moved things around and put some items in more suitable containers. I didn't throw a single.solitary.thing.out. Good? Or bad? I'm choosing to think it's good because it means that our kitchen is not collecting junk in any drawers or cupboards. When we were able to move into our newly completed kitchen, we put things where they made sense at the time. After having lived in it for six months it was time to change the layout a bit. Hopefully this will make for a little less strolling back and forth, back and forth.

Does anyone else have zones? Or is that just some weird thing that I do? For example:

The hot beverage cupboard. Yes, it's true. We have an entire cupboard dedicated to hot bevy's.

Then there's the homework drawer.

We also have the wrap it drawer -- you know plastic wrap, wax paper, aluminum foil, etc.Then there's the sandwich cupboard. It stores bread, peanut butter, honey, hazelnut spread (when I'm not swiping it and using for hot chocolate. Seriously!) and the toaster. There's the lunch container drawer and even the water bottle drawer. (Our kids do not get drink boxes in their lunches. Do you know how much $$ I save every week by not buying those?).

There you have it. The tidying of the kitchen. Sometime on the agenda will be the cleaning of the refrigerator and the scrubbing of the ovens. What exactly does one use on the stove top of a black oven to get the stuff off that inevitably cooks on? If you have black appliances and can tell me, I would appreciate it immensely.


  1. I have kitchen zones too. I have a coffee/tea cupboard too and my baking stuff is all together and so on.

    About the black stove. I don't know how to get it really clean either. I have one and I like it, but I still have some gunk that I can't figure out how to get rid of. One thing I might try next is Easy Off oven cleaner. Maybe that will knock it free? Looking forward to others' ideas.

  2. P.S. I just check out your new kitchen. Pretty! Love the island. And two convection ovens....whahoo! I'm in the beginning process of remodeling our kitchen. I'm always open for great ideas.


  3. Jody,

    The two convection ovens are a dream! I love them both and use them both a LOT! If you're able to do it, you won't regret it!


  4. Is it a ceramic top stove top (the burners are flat on the surface)? We use a cleaner from Sears made specifically for that, but it does not list ingredients so I am not thrilled about using it. I dampen the stove top, squirt on the cleaner, and rub it all around with a paper towel (I am too leary to use one of my cleaning rags that will go into the laundry with other items). I let it sit a minute or two, then tackle the burned on/crusted gunk with a razor blade (that's what we were told to do years and years ago and we've done it since). It won't scratch up the surface - at least I haven't managed to do that yet. Then I wipe it clean and go over it with plenty of water to make sure I get all the cleaner off. For in between I just squirt on some of my dish liquid (Seventh Generation) and clean the stove top with it.

  5. Yes! I love your kitchen! I too have those kinds of centers (hot drinks with mugs, etc.)

    My stove is black too - it's a gas range. I take the metal pieces (what are they called? the metal forms that hold the pots up above the flame) and soak them in the sink to loosen the baked on stuff, or - more often - put them in the dishwasher. I scrub the cooktop with regular household cleaner like Windex. Basically, it's just a lot of scrubbbing, and I use a pot-scrubber. Yes, it may eventually scratch the black finish and dull it, but it's the only thing I've found that works, and I'd rather have clean ;D

  6. sorry, no black stove, but I do have zones. coffee zones, water bottles, wrap it drawer etc. no sandwich area but that is a good idea : ) loving all your post about less mess....

  7. We also have little spots for certain things... maybe not that many, but we do! We also have a 'junk drawer', full of odds and ends!

    The kitchen looks amazing!



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