Wednesday, November 9, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess (Day 7 Music Room)

If this room looks a little empty, it is.

It used to be our den and housed our chair and a halves,

 (Before the addition/renovation)

but with the new (to us) piano in there too, it was too crowded and made it difficult to clean. Now it's much more roomy. Someday we'll put a chair in the corner, but for now I'm enjoying its emptiness.

(Those walls are actually Benjamin Moore Lapland, but of course night lighting doesn't remotely do it justice).

When we decided that the china cabinet was a good fit for the nook in here and when we moved it in there, I went through it and cleaned it out. Today I went through it again just to make sure someone hadn't decided that it was a good place to start storing more stuff. I'm going for minimalism. No more stuff we never use!

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  1. Beautiful! That is a perfect spot for your cabinet! :)



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