Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some Randomness

1}The Wind in the Willows boys have been waiting for some sunshine so they can have a mini tour of Canada. It sounds like Barbie has forgiven them and will be taking them in her convertible provided the sun stays out today and the rain doesn't fall yet again.

2}I am teaching the grade three GEMS with a sweet friend of mine this year. Oh my, but they are cute! What a fun bunch of little ladies to teach and craft with on Monday nights.

3}I broke one of our cameras. I'm still mostly in shock and denial. Isn't confession the first step towards acceptance though? We desperately need to upgrade our photography stuff -- cameras, programs, computer,etc., but this isn't the way we were thinking of doing it. Now we're down a camera and no finances to upgrade as money isn't growing on trees here. (I tried growing a money plant, but it had no yield) ;o(. At this point, not sure what we're going to do. *Sigh!* sometimes the right decisions are the hardest decisions.

4}A very warm and hearty thank you to all of you who voted for our little ole blog at Circle of Moms the past few weeks and  to those who pop by to catch up on life in our crazy home. We are blessed daily by your comments, thoughts, and prayers!

5}Much to my dismay, I have joined Pinterest. Originally I thought I was going to be suffering from an addiction, but I've pretty much lost interest in it altogether already. How many times can the same things repeat themselves I'm wondering? Anyhow, I say this to say that I know what my fashion style is now. Too bad I can never find anything that suits my taste. Or maybe it's just that the style I like just doesn't suit my (abundant) shape. Perhaps I'll post a little more on this another day....

6) I just destroyed my third pair of flip flops today. All three pairs I quite loved, so I am sad to have to now break down and wear socks and shoes every day. On the other hand, now I am going to have to buy a pair of sandals/flip flops that are somewhat orthodically correct and  I will no longer have an excuse of perfectly good footwear to put it off. Let's just say that my feet officially know that I am forty years old.

7} The school had a soccer tournament yesterday. They did very well -- especially when you consider that the two schools that are the same size as the one our girls attend amalgamated their teams. It was very unfortunate that one of the girls on our girls' team also suffered a serious injury. She will have surgery tomorrow to repair a broken arm and wrist. Yes, that bad!! So if you think of it, can you remember her, her family, and teammates in your prayers. It was very traumatic! I know because I was sitting in the rain freezing my knickers off when she went down. Still gives me shivers!! However, she is a real trooper!

8}It's Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend. It always creeps up on me and I have not a fallish decoration to be seen. This year will be even worse as we celebrated with my family this past Sunday, and the dB clan isn't getting together this year. I was thinking... you my American friends, do you not find the end of November ridiculously late to have Thanksgiving? Perhaps we should ask for a change in both countries and put it at say the end of October beginning of November? Just a thought :o). Then at least those of us with family on both sides of the border can all celebrate together!

9}We're starting to see some fall colour around here. It's late this year. We usually do several photo sessions on this weekend (this year surprisingly being no different) and there really isn't a lot of colour yet. I'm afraid when the colour is high, that it will be too chilly to do any more family sessions. I do believe that I heard we were going to have a long autumn, so maybe that means the weather will stay fairly mild.

Well that's life here in a nutshell. I hope you my readers are having a great week!


  1. Hi Deborah! I'm glad the Willows are relaxing and having fun!
    That's a big bummer about the camera. Sigh.
    I hope your Thanksgiving celebration is full of joy!

  2. Can't wait to see more adventures of the Willow friends... You are so creative! I'm so sorry to hear about the camera, those things aren't even close to cheap! :( Haha yes I do think it is a bit late for Thanksgiving, for your friends just south of you. Praying that your celebrations went well, and you all enjoyed it!


  3. LOVE the photo! I am addicted to Pinterest. I think it's the only thing keeping me sane these days.

  4. Hi Deborah!

    So sorry aobut your camera. I agree on the Thanksgiving holiday!

    Hoping you have a blessed week!

    Oh and my 40 year old feet require shoes daily. :)


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