Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stop! Thief!!

That was  Horse Barbie's cry of horror as her little red convertible zoomed away right before her very eyes! (Please excuse her immodest outfit. We're still working on her sense of modesty At least her pants aren't falling down in this photo)!

Any guesses as to who was at the wheel, gleefully calling out "poop poop!"

 Can you believe that toad!? Barely here 24 hrs and he's already stolen a car?!? He's incorrigible!!
But wait! I see a look of horror on his face! I do believe someone (or is it something!?) is going to stop him before he gets away!

Ah, Maverick! You are a good watch dog!! Thank you for saving Horse Barbie's car! She will be ever grateful!

I do believeMaverick looks a little smug! Perhaps tomorrow after our Thanksgiving dinner (our Thanksgiving is next week) Barbie will take Toad, Mole, and Rat for another spin -- with Maverick supervising of course. Right now everyone is sleeping off their excitement for the day.

I certainly hope your day didn't contain this kind of excitement!


  1. Ha!! Barbie looks quite surprised ....Look how big Maverick is ...oh the puppy goes by so fast ~Have a great weekend Love Heather

  2. Ha ha ha! It sounds like Toad is restored and up to his usual pranks! I'm giggling, thankful for their adventure and such a smart host! (BIG HUG!)

  3. Oh that old Toad! Well done, Maverick and well done you! Hope the Willows get their manners back in time for good table behaviour at your feast!

  4. Oh, you are funny and creative. Good thing Maverick is so useful! =D

  5. It's (virtually) very sweet to catch a little of the tea party fun here. Bless all of you hospitable people!

  6. Oh, Mr Toad! I'm getting quite alarmed at the idea of having invited him and his friends to my house... But what a great start they're having to their world tour! Thanks for this fun post.

  7. Ohhh of course it HAD to be Mr. Toad doing this deed! [o= I look forward to catching up with the other posts as I can. [o=


    Ohhh just in case...HAPPY THANKSGIVING this week end. [o= I am getting the house all ready.


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