Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some Sunshine for Our Guests

Today was the first day since, Toad, Ratty, and Mole arrived that we have seen sunshine. They were all excited to go on a mini tour of Canada (or some of our backyard anyways). Happily Barbie was over her horror at having her car stolen and took the boys on the tour in her convertible. She showed our guests the vegetable garden first:

 Basil still looking healthy and green.

 Our huge and abundant green peppers.

 Some snapdragons still happily showing their colours.

Finally, one of three measly pumpkins, but she told them they were better than the gourds we usually have volunteering in our garden.

They also saw some fall colour. It's too bad they won't be here for when the autumn colour reaches its height.

Then Barbie being the crazy gal she is, asked Toad if he wanted to drive for a bit. Toady started to giggle with glee! Oh no, here we go again!

Poor Mole and Ratty weren't as excited however.

Can you see how very much they would have liked out of the car? Before you think this is another Toady adventure ending in disaster, you will be pleased to know that everyone came out unscathed and happy. The boys enjoyed some leftover pie. Barbie refrained. She's watching her figure of course! You don't retain dainty feet like hers without a lot of hard work!

So tomorrow, it's off to Debbie at No Spring Chicken! I can't wait to see what those boys will get into next! Once again a warm thank you to Pom Pom and Mags for allowing me to host these wonderful Wind in the Willows characters!

Bon voyage!!


  1. They look happy as can be! LOVE that red car and I'm so appreciative of Barbie and her peppy participation! Debbie is ready! They'll love Oregon!

  2. Its so cute!! What wonderful adventures.

  3. VERY NICE! I'm sure they will have a very long, and exiting trip to their next location!


  4. Barbie did such a lovely job of touring The Boys around the garden. It's a wonder they didn't pick that lovely green pepper.


  5. Barbie has been a lovely hostess, trusting Toad to drive her car must have taken nerves of steel. I am looking forward to the characters coming to Europe soon.

  6. This was so much fun to read. I needed a good laugh!

  7. He he he....the pictures are so aweomse with the story!

  8. Oh Deborah, sorry it's taken me so long to check up on your house guests- I feel like their probation officer! What a glorious autumnal time they are having! I am very jealous of their pumpkin tour- that is strictly a supermarket thing for us here in the frozen north!! Thank you so much for having them! This will be ahard act to follow!

  9. You are having way too much fun with a Barbie doll! But then we must find fun with whatever we might be surrounded. I say keep at it!


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