Friday, October 28, 2011

Right Now

Right now I am...

Listening to the Wee Three make their usual noise in the basement as they fight over play with Duplo.

Hearing the hum of the dishwasher that wasn't run last night even though it was ready.

Thinking that it's time to have another chat with my physician regarding the migraines. It's been a rough week again.

Looking forward to my long time friend and her daughter's arrival this morning. They now live in Washington State (very close to you Julie!). We haven't seen each other for two years!!

Trying to decide what to bake and whether I will bake or whether Peach will want to bake.

Happy that we had a productive day in the Big City yesterday. Two of our girls needed photo retakes for their permanent resident cards and Beans was loooooong overdue for a full size violin.

Watching the sun start to rise. Does that mean it will be a sunny day today?

Wanting to go to the bush at the back of our property. It's gorgeous in there yet!

Feeling draggy, achey -- and hungry!!

Wishing that we were doing more photo sessions yet. I just enjoy it so much!!

Hoping that this weekend is more productive at home than most of our weekends have been.

Deciding that I have to get off of the computer and go wash my floors.

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. Deborah,
    I'm terribly sorry for your migraines. I will pray that you and your doctor can find a solution. Migraines are horrible.
    I'm enjoying a cup of coffee in Boston...wishing that our luggage could have made it with us but glad that I had the foresight to bring my glasses and my contact case in my purse! Oh, and I'm looking out the window to trees that are a brilliant reds and oranges and ice all over the ground. So different than what I see and feel everyday.
    Do hope that your weekend is simply fabulous.

  2. Hi Deborah. I linked over to you from Tina Fisher's blog. I am supporting her efforts to find a sponsor for Jose Miguel. That little boy has a face that definitely goes straight to your heart! You have a beautiful family; I hope you get relief from your migraines soon.

  3. Oh Deborah... wish there was an instant cure (and prevention) for migraines. But gee, maybe that lends more force to the attempt to get the wee three to use inside voices. :D


  4. Db...oh I do hope you find relief from those migrains. Your words encouraged me today to push through the achey ickies and start the day.

  5. Oh I hope your aches go away, and you can enjoy the day without feeling so terrible. I'm sure The Wee Three aren't great helpers when it comes to being quiet.

    Glad to hear you had a productive day yesterday... Feels good doesn't it?! Oh I'm sure Beans was excited!

    I can tell Peach is a wonderful helper in the kitchen, and with your littles when you're not feeling so well. If she's not sleeping in of course. ;) teenagers... (trust me I would know)

    Enjoy the day with your kids off from school, and I can relate to that dishwasher problem. I totally forgot to load it last night so guess who gets that job this morning? Hahs yep lucky me!

    Enjoy your visitors ((Hugs)),

  6. Happy swabbing! I am praying for you and your migraines.


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