Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Busy Weekend

I apologize for seeming to drop off the face of the earth. Sometimes I just feel I have nothing interesting enough to blog about that won't make my readers yawn with boredom. Seeing as 6/7ths of our children are in school these days. I feel as if I often lack for subject matter these days. None of the happenings are really worth a blog post of their own.

By the time I had something that I felt blog worthy again, we were into the weekend, and it was a little crazy. I volunteered to help at a huge children's used clothing, toys, and other items sale. I always enjoy it and often find some fantabulous things for the kids. This year was no exception. This is a Friday evening, huge chunk of Saturday thing, and I always come home too pooped to do much but sit and stare. In the spring, I will try to remember my camera as it is a rather shocking sight to behold -- and is proof that we North Americans just have way.too.much.stuff!

Sunday was church, coffee at my parents, and geocaching for the afternoon. It was a pretty exciting hunt this time as we did a multicache and we were able to find the four caches we needed to give us clues to the fifth and then we even found it!

To top off the day, one of the caches had a travel bug in it! This bug started in Germany, has toured some of Europe, been to Alberta, and is now hanging out in Ontario. We're thinking of planning a day trip to drop it off in a new location. Too bad it can't be yet another country, but we have no plans to go back to the Philippines anytime soon :o)! (To see more photos from our adventure, I have an album up here.)

Monday was spent attempting to tidy the house, get some laundry done and then rush out the door for GEMS. Finally today was Bible study and finish laundry. I actually feel like my house is a little more put together again too! Now if only I could keep up with the dishes!!



  1. Phooey!! Bad grammar! ANYTHING interesting enough. Sorry all you grammar lovers!! I knew it sounded odd, but I couldn't come up with the correct wording.

  2. Oh that's ok Deborah, we all make our grammar mistakes! :)

    Just saw the album on facebook! Looks like you had a wonderful, and fun afternoon!

    It's funny because I finished reading the last part of your post, and just quietly laughed. (If you read my post today you'll know what I mean haha) dishes, cooking, and all that life throws in our face. :)


  3. Oh those dishes- what a bone of contention they have been in this house this week. But it's all fine now- the washing machine broke down and has brought a whole new perspective on household chaos! My happy hearth!

  4. that looks so fun! I had to take a double look at the frog in your girls hand. At first, I thought it was real!

  5. Sounds like a really busy weekend. Love the pictures and the excitement with treasure hunting. I hope you have a great week.

  6. You'll never get the dishes, so I say stop trying. I'm thinking about giving up on laundry myself ...

    Sounds like a fun albeit busy weekend!


  7. Geocaching sounds like fun! I don't know much of anything about it, but treasure hunts must be exciting. I'm glad you reported in with us!


  8. looks like fun, I hear you on the no time thing. The new photos are fabulous, I must say i love that you found sweaters for all 6 of them!

  9. Oh, you should never feel bad about not blogging. Seems like fall brings so much to do. I'm really craving for my life to slow down a little. Love the pictures of your g-caching. Blessings!

  10. geocaching is fun! we haven't done it in a while, and now i think i will have to mention it to the kids. maybe we can go soon!

  11. I like that you mentioned N. Americans have too much stuff. I had a long talk with my oldest about that last night. Don't think I got through to him (having many issues with him right now that I think are related to his age), but I tried. If nothing else, I gave myself a good pep talk.

  12. Love that you had the kids out geocaching again. It's gotten too cold for me to do that now. (I'm a wimp). Oh...and I Love that you have the girls all in the same sweater. That's got to be some kind of miracle!

  13. The geocaching sounds fun, especially when you find something that is really interesting like that.


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