Monday, October 31, 2011

22 Days to Less Mess

Okay, you can totally call this a take-off, a spoof, a rip-off, whatever you wish. There are all kinds of other ones out there (and I will link to several of them over the next four weeks), but I need to do this for me. I'm doing it to motivate me -- and to hold me accountable -- to get things in ship shape here before the *gasp* holiday season begins. Is it possible that December is a mere 30 days away!?

As much as time allows -- in other words, hopefully every weekday -- I will try to post what I am doing to make our home tidier, and/or more workable, and/or more organized. I know you're all thinking, "you just put an addition on your house, you have lots of room, and you should have everything in order after having that addition put on."

In short, the answer is, "no." As many of you may recall (if you've been a reader for some time), we left for the Philippines just before the final things were completed on our home. I got as much put into place and organized before we left and I even participated in Simple Mom's Project Simplify , but since we've been home, nothing has been touched -- and I mean nothing. Now that I have six out of seven children in school most days, and shoes are mostly being worn outdoors now instead of bare feet (more on this comment later), it's time to move some things around to more suitable locations and finish jobs that haven't been started -- such as working on our fantastic storage room. Oh how I have longed for a workable storage room!

So tomorrow will begin day one of my 30 Days to Less Mess -- and if I were really brilliant, I would design a funky little button or something for it. Maybe when I'm feeling a little more organized ;o).

Is anyone else beginning to work at getting their homes in ship shape for the holiday season?


  1. Hurray for you!

    Actually, hurray for you for being able to leave it alone and concentrate on people first, which was more necessary ;D

    But I'm with you.

    And I think I understand about the bare feet and shoes.


  2. There are so many areas I need to reorganize in my home. The summer/fall has been work, work here on the ranch and I need to do some things inside now. I want to take EVERYTHING out of my pantry and organize it. I also have lots of books and homeschool stuff that I don't need anymore that I must sort through.

    I'll be watching you and perhaps we'll motivate each other.


  3. Since we moved this summer I have stayed on top of home keeping, but the thing I need to do is hang pictures on the walls. I have the whole formal dining full of frames, pictures and what not. It is driving me crazy.

  4. Deborah,
    You inspire me and make me feel guilty all at the same time. I might have to take up your challenge. I certainly have a lot of things to organize and not nearly as many pulls on me as you do on you.

  5. YAY for you Deborah! I'm glad that you're getting ready for the holiday season! (I know it's scary that it's coming up so soon)

    We were actually home on Friday, and while mom was gone to do errands with a friend, we cleaned the house SPICK AND SPAN. NO JOKE.

    She was amazed, and so happy! Glad to help her out! (We actually have been waiting to do multiple posts these past few days) haha hopefully they'll be up soon!

    Blessings and good luck,

  6. Oh, you are a busy bee, Deborah! You'll get it all straightened out and enjoy the rewards during the holidays!


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