Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Fun

Our first frost made its appearance Friday morning.

It was a perfect day to combine corn.

It was also a perfect day to visit with my friend Tracy from the west coast! We had a wonderful time catching up!

Saturday we cleaned, tidied, and washed like mad.  Winter's a comin' and the porch needed to be emptied and window screens removed. In the afternoon we did a bunch of mini family sessions. Check out these cutie pies!

On Sunday, we headed home to the farm to visit with the Engineer's family and to quote the kids, "see the horses." I think Grampa has a herd of ten of them right now. He boards them for neighbouring Mennonites. Here's one brave fella who came for a closer look:

Such majestic creatures! I could spend a day just watching the herd. I visited with family instead though :o).

Today, I sent my Mennonite boy off to school

and after walking with my friend Shelley, I got to work baking. I was hearing threats of mutiny if there was not going to be goodies in the house soon.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. No words....

    Absolutely stunning photos (oops...I guess those were some words).

  2. Oh, it's so nice to see your pretty face, Deborah!
    I like that horse.
    Praying for a migraine free week for you.

  3. Yes - it's good to see you in front of the camera ;D And the frost pics... GORGEOUS! What did the three littles think of that?! Wait until it snows... you must post photos then!

    Bub looks very handsome as a Mennonite!


  4. I love all your photos! You are an awesome photographer. My favorite is the one with ice on the fall leaf.
    Curious, why was the boy dressed up like a Mennoninte?

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Glad you got to catch up with a friend, that is always nice! :)

    Hope you have a fantastic evening!



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