Tuesday, September 6, 2011

About School

Some of you have asked what we are doing for school this year. This past week, we made our final decision. After much discussion with each other, the school principal, and some of the teachers, today 6/7ths of our children are going to school. I'm still torn -- and not because I'm unhappy with the kid's school. Their teachers are excellent, I love the friends they have there, and I really like the school environment. It's simply a really great school!

My reason for being torn really boils down to selfishness. Yep! I call it selfishness. I like my kids. I like to have them home with me. I like teaching them. They're good learners. (I know the oldest four are good learners anyway). I like choosing our curriculum. I like having our afternoons free to pursue other interests. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

So why school then? Well it's as simple as retaining some sanity. We suddenly gained three more children in our home. Although they aren't babies, some of their behaviour is infantile -- or at best, somewhere in those early toddler years. In a way it's like having triplets. Although they are adjusting well, I'm sometimes not so sure about myself. I've lost some (okay, a lot) of the freedom that I was beginning to enjoy. However, that's been doable. What hasn't been so easy is that there is rarely a moment's peace here. I'm craving the silence. So much so these days, that when there is some silence, I do nothing, but stare off into space. I need to feel that I have time to unwind, time to just be again. I want to enjoy the silence without just zoning out or worse, feeling snappy when I'm interrupted yet again.

Someone else questioned whether sending them to school is such a good thing considering that we still need to work on the bonding phase. I'm not too concerned about our two youngest. They don't like to be out of my sight and check in regularly. It's only with Bella that I have my concerns. She is still so free with hellos and hugs. At the same time, she is very good at home about connecting with us. We'll see as time goes by and her English comprehension continues to increase. She seems to respect and appreciate us discussing things with her, so I'm sure she will begin to comprehend that not everyone wants or should even receive attention from her. Fun stuff! Interesting stuff! You never fully comprehend these ages and stages until you have adopted.

So as it stands, our six oldest children are in school again this year. Bright Eyes will be two/three days a week. Peanut will be home -- I get to homeschool her :o)! Bub is looking forward to another year of high school. However, I am prepared to bring any one of them home if the need arises -- well, except Bub. There better not be any reason that I have to bring him home!!

Anyways, I was going to post those typical first day of school photos, but they all turned out horrible (really photographers can take bad photos too!! Or maybe it's just I'm not too proud to admit that I do take bad photos on occasion), so you're just going to have to have a pictureless post. Maybe tomorrow I'll have photos for you.

Wishing you all some peaceful moments this week!


  1. Thanks for sharing Deborah! I was so excited to read your post! Wow, I'm amazed that 6 out of your 7 children are going to school! I'm sure they will all do great! I can tell they're all very smart!

    Aww the bonding process. Pretty familar to us. Each situation is different, and I DO NOT want to judge any decisions you made. I think that adopting older children is a little bit tougher, because they are old enough to understand more than the littles. I pray that the transitions all go well. I know there will most likely be bumps in the road, but I know God will walk you through it together.

    Oh I'm sure the pictures were just fine! Plus, pictures aren't always nessacary. Maybe tomorrow... :) Can't wait to hear how their day was today!


  2. We have some funny back to school photos, for sure! I hope you find some peace and quiet, Deborah!

  3. Cheering you on!

    We spent our first day of "full" school trying to work in the waiting room at the dentist's office... with mixed results. No pics ;D


    PS New pics in your sidebar of a couple of the girls and WOW HAS PEACH CHANGED! I see a young LADY there!

  4. Oh, I pray this year is a great year and you get the much needed time of quiet for a few hours each day. I have a need for lots of quiet, thinking time so I understand that.
    Hugs from Texas,

  5. Well I hope the kids have a fantastic year and I will say a prayer indeed ...we had many discussions as well and settled on the same were trying it out and have no problem with pulling our kids out if were not happy with how it is going ~Have fun homeschooling Peanut ~Love Heather

  6. While there have been times when I've found the idea of homeschooling tempting, for all the reasons you've mentioned, I have to say that it's good for me and my boys to take breaks from one another and for me to have a period of peaceful quiet. I bet the girls will love school, and you'll have more of yourself to give them when they get back home. Everyone wins!

  7. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

    When I've really sat down to think about why I want to homeschool, I also think it's for me and not all for them. I love having them with me all day. I love the freedom of doing whatever it is I (notice I, not we) want to do. Which playdates I want, when I want to grocery shop, etc. Now I am more bound by getting things done during school hours (pre-k). I have often thought that I don't want them to be around certain types of behavior...but in the end they have to learn & grow. I can't keep them in a bubble forever.

    Oh, can you tell, I am wrestling the anxiety for the first day Thursday & Friday?

    Anywho....many blessings to you and your family as you blend together. I am glad you are going to have the opportunity to have some down time.

    AND...I love you humility in regards to the photos!

    God Bless you & yours!

  8. I appreciate your honesty so much. Very understandable why this is a good decision for you. The fact that you are willing to do what needs to be done to be a sane mama tells me that you are all going to be just fine. :)

    God bless your home Deborah.

    prayers and hugs, Debbie

  9. Thrilled to hear your news about school. I am so confident that your children will do well. You all have been in my thought in prayers.

  10. Good to hear what's up with you? Praying for your adjustments and this new school year! He is good to help us through each season! Hugs!

  11. Peanut will have such fun having your undivided attention all day. I'm thrilled to see you say that even photographers can take bad pictures. It makes the rest of us feel better :)

  12. By now, the first week of school will be wrapping up. You seem to do such a great job at being flexible and staying in tune to what the Lord wants for you and your family. Praying God's richest blessings on your sweet family!


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