Saturday, September 3, 2011

Twelve Weeks

Our girls haven't been with us quite three months, but I've had some quiet moments to marvel at the changes we've already experienced. They really are amazing. Their resiliency at all the changes in their lives astounds me at times because they really are such happy little souls. Their laughter is infectious. Their desire to be like their older siblings is exhausting. It hasn't been a smooth ride -- not at all, but it's been an interesting ride.

We've had some real struggles with Bella (not unexpected, but not expected this early). We've discovered though that just having a quiet and serious talk with her works beautifully! One particular day I was at my wits end with her behaviour. Thankfully, the Engineer was home and caught her in her most recent misbehaviour of the day. (I apologize for being a little vague, but I don't think it's fair to Bella to share the details). He was able to have a chat with her and she has literally turned
over a new leaf. We've been having so much fun with her now, and wow can she make us laugh!

One of my favorite parts of the day with them is listening to them do their prayers before bedtime. Bella's are so well thought out, Bright Eyes's are too, but you don't catch as many words. Peanut's are nothing short of hilarious. She has this itty bitty voice in which you can only catch the odd word. I'm glad God understands her because we sure don't :o)! It's a blessing to see their love for Jesus bloom and grow. We've been working on their baptism ceremony  (yes, our church does infant and child baptism, please don't judge) and are excited about this special day for them. We hope and pray it will hold meaning and memories for them too.

So although I am still feeling very exhausted (and quite spacey) most days, it is a joy to see how much our little girls are changing. We're so glad God blessed us with their little lives!

Be blessed!


  1. praise God they are adjusting and you all are, too! You are an amazing mama, I'm thankful you all are loving on those littles :)


  2. Deb,

    What a beautiful post of life, love, and redemption. I know you have had some tough days but I can not help but see life blooming in unexpected ways all around you. Beauty from ashes... I think it is beautiful when we can see how we are living in the midst of a redemption story.

    Loves to you all.
    I can not wait to see pictures of their baptism. "We are claimed by the Spirit in the waters of baptism." That is what we believe in the reformed tradition and I find it beautiful and mystical. The spirit of the living God works in ways we can not even begin to understand.

  3. So glad to hear the girls are doing so well. Love the white dresses!

    I also want to congratulate you for respecting your daughters' privacy and not sharing every single aspect of behavior that might embarrass them now or down the line. I wish all adoptive parents would be as diligent.

  4. Deborah,
    My sweet daughter's coments really sum up my sentiments as well. We love you and your precious family and are so very happy for all of you.
    We remain ever faithful to pray for you daily.

  5. Love those beautiful faces :D

    Glad you've "surfaced" again, my friend, though these are very busy times for you.

    I'm curious what you've decided to do about schooling... you know, in all your free time ;D

    Hope you post pics of the baptism!


  6. Julie, I was just working on the schooling post :o).

    Annesta and Amy you are a true blessing to our family. Amy that post gave me happy shivers!

  7. They are lovely in their white dresses! How sweet, the baptism. That will be a high holiday!

  8. Oh I'm so glad you posted! I missed hearing from you. Although I know you are probably very busy! I can only imagine what your lives look like right now.

    Your girls are beautiful! I love their hair, and their dresses! So pretty. I'm glad to hear Bella is doing better. I'll continue to pray for any transitions. Only God knows the details. :)

    The baptism will be a very special moment. I hope to see pics. What a celebration!

    I was also wondering about schooling, but of course I don't want to pressure you. Your a fantastic mom, and I know how busy more important things are, instead if telling us about school. Hehe

    Enjoy your last moments of summer!!


  9. Beautiful pictures!!! And what gorgeous silky hair they have. Bella's has grown so much since that first picture of her on your sidebar! wow.

    blessings to you each day!

  10. Thanks for the update and such beautiful pictures...amazing how you all have adjusted and how your family is growing together and weaving all these new threads to make a beautiful new family tapestry.....Can't wait to see the baptism pictures!! All churches are different in our family we have an inside joke because of all the times we have moved and how different churches are I think we each have been baptized like 3 times because of church regulations lol!! I am not sure what God thinks of that but hopefully it means were extra special :) ...I will keep praying for your Beautiful and Extremely Blessed Family!! Love Heather

  11. Love the pictures! The girls are so sweet. Glad to hear things are going well and they are all adjusting. You have a beautiful family.

  12. Love,love,love the pictures of your girls.
    Can't wait to hear more about the baptism. It is a wonderful idea!

  13. These pictures are so lovely, but then again you have beautiful subjects! Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with all of us across the miles.

  14. Yea! So encouraging. I think it's lovely that you didn't share Bella's misbehavior.

    Your beautiful family is a delight to those watching, and an encouragement to those seeking...

    Blessings, Debbie

  15. Beautiful girls! It sounds like you all are adjusting wonderfully to your new life together.

    I'm interested in the notion that anyone would judge you for when you baptize your children. I come from a tradition of infant baptisms, while my husband's church tradition is waiting until a young person can make the choice for him or herself. I think both approaches have their appeal, and no matter what, the Holy Spirit will make all things good and right.

    Looking forward to the pictures!


  16. The pictures of your daughters in white are beautiful! I pray a prayer of peace for you today.

  17. The girls look so sweet! It seems that you are all adjusting to your new life. God is so good! You are doing a great job! Praise Jesus!

  18. they are just beautiful! You are doing a great job mama! Happy for you and praying that He will continue to give you strength! Love u!


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