Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Believe it or not, we still haven't made it to the beach. Today we thought we would go, but it looked like it might storm, so we decided to stay back at the pool. After a bit of a rough start, the girls are loving the pool. The two little ones went from not even putting their faces under the water and clinging to Mommy or Daddy to jumping off the edge and putting their faces under all on there own. Bella was like a fish from day one. Hmmm, perhaps we will have more children yet who will swim on the swim team. Perhaps we'll go down for an hour or so after the girls finish napping.

In the morning after breakfast, we go for a walk. Already before 9am, it will be at least 30 degrees Celsius. So it is a very hot walk. We big people are reveling in the heat and the girls don't seem to notice. They run and yell and run some more :o). It's no wonder they nap everyday after lunch.

Wendy, you might recognize these dresses too :o).

We haven't ventured off the resort since we arrived here and there is a reason. They are getting more comfortable with us and know that we won't leave them. Therefore, they are starting to test the limits of how far they can run ahead of us and will now stop and say hello to everyone. I didn't think it would start happening so early and it makes me a little nervous thinking about going through the airports, but we'll just have to have a death grip on them ;o).  Thankfully Peanut loves to ride in the mei tai. That's were she goes when she's ready to nap, so she is very used to it.

Because we've been staying on the resort, we've been eating all our meals at the restaurant. The food there is very tasty. There's no calamansi juice though. Booo! We do enjoy fresh mango, pineapple, orange, or watermelon juice at every meal. It makes me smile to think about how some of our friends would survive eating here though. There is seriously rice at every meal and we all eat rice at every meal. Actually we eat pretty much everything. I paid the price last night (I won't go into details), but I've been fine again today and I'm still not sure what might have triggered it.

The two little girls will not eat vegetables, so that is going to be very interesting going home. 

 Peanut's favorite breakfast: dry cereal (corn flakes an an equivalent to coco puffs), rice, logganisa (sweet sausage), and watermelon.

 Bub filled Bright Eyes's plate, so she couldn't finish all her breakfast, but she of course 
ate all her rice :o).

 Bella decided to eat the same as Peanut today, but she will usually try almost everything.
When we were still on Panay Island, we saw a fifty cup rice cooker. It was huge!! I'm wondering if we'll be able to find a bigger one than my ten cupper, because I have a sneaking ;o) suspicion that were going to use it a lot. Good thing I bought that gigantic bag of rice :o).

Well, Bub is here to tell me the girls are awake, so I better go! Love to all and thank you for sharing your  excitement and especially for all your prayers!!



  1. I have LOVED reading your updates, Deborah! I'm so happy for you.

  2. Beautiful, Beautiful Philippines!!! And even more beautiful girls!!! They look like they are all having the time of their lives...and I think I might just recognize a couple of those dresses! Makes me smile!

  3. Your photos make me wish I was in Boracay right now!! It is wonderful to hear that the girls are becoming more and more comfortable. We definitely thought that our time in Boracay was great to begin bonding with Rafael. Keep the photos coming. They're amazing! I hope that things continue to go smoothly. Take care and enjoy!!

  4. I love reading your updates every morning when I get up... Because of the time difference. Your girls look like they are having so much fun! I'm glad that they've been adjusting well. Hopefully their inside voices are working a little bit better now. ;D Thanks again for sharing all the photos... I really enjoyed seeing them in the water! Hopefully you can find a day to go to the beach!!


  5. Deborah,

    I'm SO GLAD you've been able to take time to do updates. I'm sure it's more important for your family at home, but we bloggy friends sure appreciate it!

    Full of joy for you,


  6. Wow, beautiful water! What an amazing experience for all of you. I'm praying for your sweet girls and your parents back home.
    Thank you for all the updates and pictures.
    You remain ever in our thoughts and prayers dear friend.

  7. The pics are precious - thanks for sharing your journey!

  8. that pool is seriously amazing! I love their expressions!! And am so happy they are adjusting and bonding with you!!


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