Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finally!!! Some Photos!!!

I am posting quick while all the girls are napping. I have to say that at this point they are very good sleepers. As soon as they wake, we'll head to the pool or beach -- not sure which one yet.

 Yes, this is a very normal site! These two tricycles weren't even that crowded!

 Having fun on the van floor. Don't worry! It was perfectly clean until we had our snacks anyways.
 All the traveling can wear a little girl out!
 Hmmm, Fear Factor? I wonder what that meant.....
 Yes there is and edge, but it does drop off into nonexistence. No horsing around in this pool!
 Peanut's favorite snack (the other girls love them too). She will eat an entire bag on her own. At this point it is the only vegetables I can get her to eat!
 One of the views from our balcony.
 A HUGE orchid plant in the foyer.

 Going for a walk before it gets too hot.

 A little bit of Canada in the Philippines ;o)!

 Bella learning to take time to smell the flowers. (Hopefully soon she will :o)).
 Big brother.

 Still at the first hotel.
 I LOVE them in pink!
 This little girl is always smiling.
 Lounging in front of the television.
 At a mall. Loving the rides!

Peanut with one of her fantastic caregivers from the orphanage.
Bub teaches Bright Eyes how to work his Ipod.
Waiting for the ferry.

A night time thunderstorm off in the distance.



  1. Amazing photos!!! I especially love the one of the three girls together and they all have the biggest smiles on their faces!!! I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying Boracay. Your resort looks amazing!!!! Be sure to get lots of photos at the beach!! Enjoy!!

  2. Thank you for the lovely photos, Deborah! My candle came! Thank you, dearest! Chocolate, too? YOU are a peach!

  3. Seeing these brought such emotion. Their grins and smiles, the hand holding, neck hugs and lap cuddles, the amazing trust in their expressions. The beginning of one journey and the culmination of another long journey.

    Your photos are outstanding!

  4. AMAZING PHOTOS!!!! I loved them so much....thanks for letting us view this journey from far. the girls look so sweet in the picture with their big brother holding hands and walking....

  5. These really touched my heart. Those girlies look so happy. What really got me though is the sweet way Bud is with them and the fact that they are so drawn to him. You have raised a fine young man.

  6. Deborah,
    I love the way that you capture the warmth and the love that is flowing back and forth from all of you. Thank you for posting these shots and allowing us a glimps of your experiences. I'm praising God for His faithfulness and for His grace.
    Love you all!

  7. Great photos! Enjoy Boracay!!! Praying for you.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Absolutely amazing photos! Thank you so much for sharing them! Continue to enjoy your time in the Philippines with your girls!

  9. I have tears in my eyes. Those are beautiful pictures.

  10. Amazing photos...but I would expect that from you, Deborah! Plus, you have some pretty amazing subjects to work with...including the Philippines! Have you tried the spicy prawn snacks yet? They are delicious! Have a calamansi juice for me!

  11. Brings back so many memories (; Thanks for sharing!

  12. Really beautiful photos! I have a huge smile on my face. BTW - Has Bub introduced them to Red on his iPod yet? :) (The boys rec'd the book and LOVE it! Thank you so very much!!)

  13. These photos are amazing!!!! Your girls are so beautiful! I'm so glad that they are doing so well. I love the pics of them and their big brother... The "TV lounging" one is so cute too! The scenery, flowers, driving etc... pics are super cool too!! Continue to have a great time with your girls! :)


    P.S. Can't wait to see pictures of the beach. Also so glad that they are napping... that should help ALOT!

  14. Wow! You have such a beautiful family!
    It is so wonderful to see some of what you are experiencing! Beautiful pics Deborah.
    Take care,

  15. Amazing photos! Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to share your journey with us. The girls are SO MUCH FUN! Well, they sure look like it. Love seeing Bub holding those little hands :D


  16. How exciting! I have been away from the blog world for a few weeks and am just catching up on the new additions to your family! Wow! I am so happy for you! Love the photos!

  17. The pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  18. For orphans they certainly seem to be happy little girls. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures with us.

  19. I have loved the pictures and reading about your time in the Philippines! Your girls are beautiful.

    It's kind of making me want to do it all again....:)

  20. I am just speechless.
    Caught up on all of this joy and life and love.

    and the photo of your son ... my favourite.

    love to you and your new family of nine!!!


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