Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well, we're in Boracay. Definitely better internet here, but if we want to use it in our room, we have to pay mucho dinero -- um, I mean paesos.

After a busy day of traveling, and swimming, we all fell asleep shortly after supper. The Engineer and I managed to rouse ourselves and put all the girls to bed under their blankies. The pyjama's can be forgone for one night, yes :o)?

We left our "home" in the Days Inn at seven am and arrived in Caticlan at noon, just as our driver said we would. I can't help but wonder how much shorter the drive would be if they actually had highways. We would have missed way too many interesting sights though. What an incredible country. It's a large mix of modern verses primitive. Very wealthy vs. poor. The van we rode in was extremely comfortable and he was a fantastic driver. Never once did I have to hold my breath! In a country where driving has no rules, I have to say, I'm amazed at how comfortable I am with being at the mercy of other drivers and no one wearing seat belts (*cringe*, I know!!) Car seats are unheard of here. Seriously! (I'll have to post some really fun driving photos tomorrow).

Miss Bella's big concern from the minute we woke was "swimming, beach" I think I heard it at least fifty times. You should have heard the ruckess when they finally saw the ocean and sand from the van. I though I was going to go deaf. Then we heard it repeated continually by all three of them -- until we had to catch the fairy. Poor Bright Eyes was in melt down mode by that point, but she settled quickly once we were on the boat.

Upon arriving in the hotel lobby, the beach was forgotten when they saw the pool. So we spent the afternoon in the pool. Mom and Dad and Bub learned that we need to do LOTS of work on inside voices (even though we were outside). Oh my, they went nuts for awhile. Again some very firm rules had to be set.

By supper though, they were tired. They ate great again. After supper we walked back to our room for some (oh please, yes!) quiet time. They played playdough for awhile and one by one we ALL nodded off.

It was a busy day. Interesting. Exhausting. Oh and it is now 9:43 am here and at least 28 degrees Celsius. Oh yes, I'm lovin' it!

Love to you my girls at home! We miss you lots! Don't forget to visit Mavy!

Blessings all!


  1. Yippee!

    I get up in the morning, click on my computer, and wonder what is happening in the Philippines... FUN!

    I can only imagine the noise and wild excitement! I bet your bigger girls will be good role models when you all get home... joyful and exuberant, but not frenzied!

    Ahhhh.... so glad you're getting some warm, relaxing(?) beach time.

    Do you have legal stuff still to be accomplished? Or are you on your own at this point?

    Praying for you all,


  2. Yay, I'm glad that the trip went well... I was praying specifically for that! ;) Wow, they must be fun, happy girls to make so much noise and laughter. Hope you all get the rest you need... (*crossing my fingers for you*) Hope the ocean is just as much fun!

    Prayers and thoughts coming your way,


    P.S. Glad there is better internet connection! Hope to see more pictures soon. I'm sure you're very busy!

  3. great to hear...hope you get some rest and stay energized as you adjust during these early days together. we're praying...

  4. Loving your stories! Thank you for sharing! Enjoy your beautiful children and the beautiful beaches (and pools) of Boracay!

  5. Enjoy the nice hot weather, the beach, and the pool!! It sounds like the girls are adjusting well and I'm sure with time they will find their indoor voices!! I cannot wait to see your Boracay photos. I hope that all continues to go smoothly. Take care and good luck!!!

  6. Deborah,

    I haven't been reading blogs lately so I'm way out of touch. But I was thrilled when I clicked over today and saw your news!!! I am so thrilled for you and your family. Enjoy those precious girls. And I know your girls at home can't wait for you all to arrive back home. I bet your son is having the time of his life too! Thanks so much for sharing your adoption story so gracefully!

  7. Deborah,

    It sounds to me like you all had a lovely day. That simple fact warms my heart to no end.

    Peace be with you, the Engineer, Bub, and those beautiful girls. I pray that the bonds formed in the next couple of days will be a beautiful foundation to be strengthened over a lifetime shared together as family.


  8. I am soaking up every word! Thanks for sharing!
    Our love and prayers to you.

  9. Great to hear your updates!! Praying for you guys ~What a blessing ~Love Heather

  10. I'm so loving the updates!! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us!


  11. Isn't the driving insane...and yet for some reason you never worry! Thailand is the same way, though not quite as bad as the Philippines.

    It sounds like the little angels are loving the beach...hope you are, too.

    And I love your typo...How was that "fairy" ride?? She must have had sturdy wings to carry all of you! LOL!

    Gotta love jet lag!

  12. I am so excited for you! Sounds so surreal...

  13. So wonderful to keep up with what's happening with you and your family. Everything sounds lovely and amazing. So happy that all is going well!


  14. Sounds just heavenly! Enjoy your girls, Deborah! I'm glad you are able to see the beauty of our country! :-)


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