Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feeling Cooped Up

Today is our last day in the city of our daughters' birth. We're adjusting well. The noise level is a little more we big people can handle on occasion, but they will settle in with time and I'm sure the decibel level will go down. (Or maybe I'm being really optimistic ;o)).

Bella will talk with and be happy to be near any of us. Bright Eyes is very partial to Bub, and a little more reserved with the Engineer and I, while Peanut will only go to me. She avoids the guys as much as possible.Speaking of Peanut, I tried her in the mei tai this morning and she loved it! It's still a good thing there are three of us though :o)!

Being cooped up indoors with only a shopping mall for entertainment gets very old.  We went to the museum this afternoon, but the girls wanted to race through it and get back outside. Outside to the horns, heat (not that it was any cooler inside), exhaust, and lots and lots of people. It is a very different culture here. For every sign of wealth that is seen, there is far more poverty, but the people are so kind and friendly and happy.

Tomorrow we have to get up bright and early to take a long ride, to catch a ferry, to spend some time in Boracay. I know little about it -- except that it is beautiful. I'm looking forward to the five hour drive to see more of the island. It will be good practice for the girls too for the even longer plane ride they will face in another week or so.

Well, I'm off to give the girls a shower. It's the highlight of their day and entails the ear splitting noise of excitement. I'm always relieved when it's done they've all made it out without injuring themselves.


P.S. Hopefully after today we will have much better internet connection and I can upload some more photos without losing the connection halfway through.


  1. I'm praising God with you guys! He is so great!
    The girls are beautiful and they look so excited and happy. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Deborah,
    I'm just imagining all the noise and all the commotion as I read your post. Soon, you will be back home....your own slice of paradise! I am praying for a fun relaxing time and a few quiet moments as your continue to adjust to one another.

  3. You definitely won't be feeling cooped up in Boracay. There is so much to do outside and the weather is beautiful. The drive to Caticlan is good practice for the plane ride home. I'm sure the plane ride home will be an experience all in itself though!!!!
    Enjoy Boracay and I can't wait to see the photos!!




  5. I know that the loudness can get out of control... I'm sure that things will settle down when you're HOME! Yay, I'm so glad that you get to visit Boracay... I can't wait to see the pictures! (hopefully the internet will be better for uploading) You are such a blessed family!

    Have a wonderful trip!



    P.S. While my parents were in Ethiopia, my little sister did ok with both of them... when they got home she definitely looked up to mom the most... It took a couple months but she's also a for sure daddy's girl! Patience; and Peanut will get there! :)


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