Saturday, June 4, 2011

At the Ocean!

We made it to the ocean Friday afternoon after all the girls slept. I now understand what white sand means. Puka Beach is covered in coral and puka seashell bits making it look very pale compared to our beaches at home. It actually reminds me of the golden coloured brown sugar we see in the grocery store.

The little girls were hesitant about going in or even near the water at first, but soon got over those fears. Sometimes I think Bella is a fish. We can't get that girl out of the water!! We of course met the locals pedaling their wares and bought lovely necklaces for all six of our daughters when we went back to the beach today.

Happily we're hearing a little less yelling, have seen two little girls assert themselves very loudly ;o), and are beginning to see them settle in. Much to the guy's disappointment, Peanut will still not go near either of them, but will talk the ear off of our waiters.

Here are a bunch more photos from the past 24 hours or so.

Having an absolute wonderful time!

 I would love to be out there!

 What happens when you try to apply sunscreen yourself. She thought she was hilarious!

 Hunting for coral and shells.

 One of the peddlers. She was such a sweet little lady. The Filipino people are so wonderful!

 No, I'm not grumpy. Just keeping an eye on the other girls too.

Bright Eyes helps one of the peddlers look for shells.

I'm missing my girls across the ocean, but at the same time enjoying getting to know our new  daughters. It's hard to believe we've been together a week already!

Love and hugs!!


  1. Deborah...LOVE these shots. You need to print your blog into a book once you get home!

  2. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love to you all Deborah...those of you across the continent and those who are just north of us!

  4. These photos look beautiful Deborah!! It looks like so much fun! Hope your girls at HOME are doing well, and your little family with you are too. Thanks so much for the updates, so glad you've been able to do it.


    P.S. When my parents were in the airport in the states, they called us right away. (as they were eating) It was so sweet because I got to talk to my little sister for the first time. (well kind of talk) :)

  5. beautiful.....absolutely special!!

  6. Beautiful! Loving the photos - you have me absolutely chomping at the bit to get to Boracay! So glad you guys got to enjoy the ocean!

  7. I so love all of the girls pics down the side now - your family complete :)
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Praying for you. Home soon?

  8. Such great photos! Wonderful to see them enjoying themselves so much. Love the photo of the self-application of sunscreen. That is the best!


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