Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Told You Not to Eat Salad

The Engineer is under the weather today. I blame it on the fact that he had a salad yesterday for lunch. He and Bub were going to go on a boat tour around the island today, but that didn't happen. The girls are all napping again. We've watched a lot of television today, gone on a walk, and blown bubbles. Hopefully we can go in the pool and swim for a couple of hours -- even if the Engineer doesn't.

Sooo, not too much blog worthy stuff today. Instead a few more photos...

Eating lunch in our hotel room. It has a fridge, and we'd collected enough leftovers over the past few days to not have to buy lunch today. That couldn't have worked out better since the Engineer had no desire for lunch yet.

 The tiny limes the girls are holding are calamansi limes. They make the BEST juice. Sadly there is no calamansi juice here. Although, I'm thinking I might ask tonight.

 A  serious photo of our wee girl. She's all worn out from playing and asserting herself very loudly while playing with bubbles. She is very strong willed like another one of her sisters, but she can so easily be diverted that it just makes me laugh. Truth be told, we laughed when she pitched her fit during our bubble blowing time. She is so tiny and so feisty (and loud). She had the staff peeking over to see what was going on.

 Ahhh, sweet blissful sleep!
 Except for one little miss :o). Although she did eventually drift off to dreamland too.

Yesterday they did not nap and did very well, but I do find blogging at night a little uncomfortable due to the mosquitoes. I have to blog in the lounge -- in order to have free internet -- which is outdoors since it never gets cold here anyways. Ugh! Mosquitoes! I'm glad we're taking our malaria pills because I have at least twenty bites now.

Can I say that I'm getting tired of eating rice? The upside? I'm sure I've lost all that stress weight that I'd gained the last couple of months! Hooray :o)!

Love to all!


  1. Praying for a better day for the more salad! I had to laugh at Peanut's picture and your description of the bubbles adventure. I have a strong willed one too. It keeps you on your knees.
    Hugs and love,

  2. Oh, I know just how your husband feels. I had just a tiny bit of lettuce when we were in Cebu and I paid dearly for it. I'm praying he is feeling level again very soon.
    Bless you, Deborah.

  3. Hi,
    I was away for the weekend and I couldn't wait to get home to check your blog. Your beach photos were so nice!!! The girls look like they were having a blast!! I hope that your husband is feeling better soon. Take care and enjoy!!

  4. Love the pictures, as always. Especially since they feature adorable Filipinas and calamansis! Two of my favorite things!

    Oh, the lettuce. When we were in Thailand I got two forms of food poisoning. Not from street vendors. From the salad I ate at the hotel. I was violently sick for an entire month. Hope your husband is well soon...and LISTENS to you next time! Wives know best!

  5. Hope the engineer feels better very soon.

    I LOVE the sleeping pictures...what angels!

  6. Hopefully everyone will be feeling better tomorrow, and you can enjoy the pool! I love the pictures you post! :) I laughed when you said your little Peanut is strong willed -- That is so my little sister! Have a wonderful Sunday!


  7. It's so nice to see pics of the littles!

    Have you heard of activated charcoal? It's supposed to be good for traveler's troubles. I just learned about it. We've tried it here at home and I think it worked.

    Hope he's better soon!

  8. I hope your husband is feeling better soon! Not fun when away from home...

    I have loved reading the updates and seeing pics of your new daughters. I'm thrilled you are finally with them!!

    Enjoy your time on the island!

  9. praying for adjustments for you all! love you sweet friend! What a huge blessing!

  10. Hope the Engineer mends quickly! Thanks for sharing more pictures--your girls are adorable!


  11. Oh Deb, enjoy the country, the experience and the sweet joy of obedience! I can't wait to see you guys. Please come for a swim soon (if you aren't sick of swimming). Praying for you,
    Love Tess


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