Thursday, May 12, 2011

Purging the Linens

My friend Dianne at Bunny Trails posted a great idea on how to reduce the amount of linens in the linen cabinet. Although I didn't make a physical list I had a mental one tucked away in a dark corner of my brain.

I gathered up the towels, dishrags, washcloths, dust rags, etc. from every part of the house and piled everything in our bedroom.

The only linens I didn't downsize were the beach towels. It's not possible in this house to have too many beach towels. Between lessons, practices, meets, beach days, and our own pool, we need a lot of towels. Inevitably, at least one or two go missing ne'er to return every summer, so these piles will be smaller again next year this time.

Our very empty linen closet will come in handy for some other things I'm sure, but for now I truly appreciate its emptiness. Somehow there is a comfort in knowing I'm not ruled by my stuff. The kids' stuff on the other hand...

After the dishrags and tea towels were put away and a place in that there big linen closet above was secured for my extra dish linens, there was a big bag left over.

Off to the thrift store with it! Does anyone else go to the thrift store only to find items that you dropped off there just a few weeks prior? It's a strange feeling the first time you see an item that you just know used to belong to you.



  1. Do you hire out???? Next time the Engineer is down this way?? I have lots of purging that needs done...
    Maybe when I retire in a few years!!
    Oh, and yes, the kids stuff...still have two rooms full of adult childrens "kids stuff"! Another job just waiting to be tackled!

    YOu inspire me, sweet friend!

  2. Organizing and purging... I did that with my kitchen stuff just the other night. Feels great to have just the basics left.


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