Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Brain Dump

I'm joining Julie at Herding Grasshoppers for a Friday Brain Dump again. Julie you really should set up a Mr. Linky :o) -- although maybe I'm your only copy cat.

1} I'm happy Blogger is up and running again, but now I have two of the basically the same posts and some comments are still missing. Wonder if they'll come back yet. Interesting how when some sort of social media is down, people go into a panic and we all notice. I still can't logout. It won't let me which is not good because now I can't access my other blogs.

2} Since Blogger was down for a ridiculous amount of time, I'm postponing the draw for the giveaway for 24 hours. So Saturday night at 10 pm it will be held instead. Also, if you commented already, please check to make sure your comment is still there. A couple of them went missing during the fiasco.

3} We received a phone call from our adoption agency today. No, it wasn't The Call, but it was encouraging nonetheless. That's all I'm going to say for now.

4} I made two rhubarb pies today. One went home with my brother. The other one, he, I,  and our six kids devoured enjoyed for dessert. The poor Engineer doesn't even get a piece. I will have to make another one tomorrow. Not hard when the rhubarb is so plentiful.

5} We have mowed the lawn four times so far this season. That's nothing compared to other seasons. Funny thing is only once have I mowed it in its entirety. Once the Engineer took over, another time he mowed the entire thing, the third time I just ran out of time to get it finished, and today I managed to get the entire thing done.

6} It's warm enough now that the June beetles are out, the barn swallows are chortling, and there are flowers blooming everywhere. Happily, I haven't seen a single mosquito yet.

7} I have counters in my kitchen now. Ironically this is the first time during the entire renovations that I have to use the laundry tub as my  dish sink. The glue/silicone/caulking/whatever it's called has to dry for 24 hours. It's the weekend, so my sinks won't be plumbed until Monday.

8} I reached the conclusion the other day (probably when I was on the lawn tractor), that if there were only two types of food left on the planet and they were pizza and ice cream, I would be happy. Throw in a cola once in awhile, and I'd be a very happy Mama :o).

9} I've drastically reduced my coffee intake.I haven't noticed any significant issues. At the same time, I've been increasing my water intake. Drink....bathroom break. Drink.... bathroom break. It's a wonder I get anything done.

10} I've had two migraines in a month. NOT good. Even worse, the pain killers aren't working as well as they used to, so it's time for some new meds. I'm on a new one that we're trying to use as a preventative and I have new pain meds if I get one again. The biggest problem is, we're 95% sure that I'm asthmatic (It's allergy induced asthma. I can't be near indoor kitties), so I can't take prophylactics. They would be a big help. We'll see what this new med. does. If it doesn't help, then we'll likely test me for asthma and find another route.

11} This new med makes me horribly drowsy and will  continue to do so until my body gets used to them. The other day, I had all I could do to watch the girls get on the bus so I could crawl back into bed. Mmmm, I love my bed and sometimes it's fun to be a sloth.

12} Squirt spent the entire evening last night playing with our friends' sixteen year old son. It's not that he couldn't or didn't want to play with his brother and Bub, but that he's too kind hearted to say no to "the little kid". It was funny to watch them on the swings. I really wanted to take a photo, but I knew he would be mortified!

13} This is our first weekend where we don't have to be anywhere for anything. We'll we have to do groceries and see if our kitchen lights are in yet. I'd really like to work in the yard, but again there is rain in the forecast.

14} Maverick has a particular love for our one office chair. He's been curling up in it since he was a pup of eleven weeks. He still fits --sort of.

15} I'm wondering if I can convince force any of my children to let me do a photo shoot of them. I'm itching to do something with people. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to oblige ;o).

May you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I hope your call comes very soon!!! You must be on pins and needles whenever the phone rings. At least you guys are now all prepared, or as much as you can be, for when the girls come home.

    Your photos are beautiful! It's soon time to start mowing the lawn here. Bring on the warm weather!!

    Take care and enjoy your weekend!!

  2. I just love that photo of Maverick all snuggled up!

  3. Ah, my friend Maverick! I have thought a lot about him this week.
    #1. I was a bit confused last night when I was trying to blog...frustrating!
    #3. Glad you got an encouraging call. We continue to pray and have faith that God's timing is the best and when you get on the other side of this you will be amazed.
    #4. G let me know...more than once in the last 24 hrs. that he does not have anything sweet. Thankfully your cookies held him over for the better part of this week. I guess I will be baking this afternoon.
    #6. Life envy again!
    #8. Not bad food choices to live on!
    #9. I used to drink coffee all day but now limit to no more than two cups...except on special occacions. I love coffee.
    It's a beautiful, sunshining, cool day here. So not typical for this time of the year.!

  4. I too lost comments when blogger went down - fortunately not many - but my Thursday post did reappear

    I'm glad you like the Brain Dump - I always like reading yours :D There are all kinds of crazy little things rattling around in my head that don't deserve a full post of their own, but I don't want to forget.

    Wow, time is flying by. If I ran the world, the moment your remodeling is done, you'd get The Call ;D

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures, as always,


  5. So much to respond to! Okay, a few quick responses: Totally agree with you about pizza; rhubarb pie--yum!; I hope your call comes soon!


  6. Love your "brain dump" posts! I hope The Call comes soon and praying that you get used to your new migraine meds soon...

  7. That last picture made me laugh! Reminds me of our tiny Maisie right now :)


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