Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Concert Night

The girls' school performed tonight with a local choir and a talented musical duo in an evening spring concert.

Squirt and Beans, together with their classmates, have learned to play the hand bells. Peach has learned to play the tone chimes. Both are beautiful, but there is something about the tone chimes that almost took my breath away. To see these groups of children work so beautifully together is nothing short of awesome. They have very talented and dedicated teachers, that's for sure!

So without further ado,  some photos of our girls' premier public performance with their classmates on the hand bells and the tone chimes. Next time we get to hear them, I will try to remember to record a song or two.

I blurred the images to protect the identity of the other children as I know some of the parents do not like their children's photos up for public display.

I am so thankful we live in a world with music. How about you? Do you enjoy music too?


  1. I'd never heard of tone chimes and had to google up an audio sample - beautiful! What did the kids play?


  2. Oh, I can almost hear the chimes! I DO love listening to music. The girls are so intent, so conscientious.

  3. You know we're a music loving family! I'll have to google tone chimes to hear a sample.

  4. I think you know MY answer to this question! I have been blessed beyond words to live for the past nearly 19 years in a home that is beautifully filled with song!

  5. Deborah, I do love music! I especially love music that kids play! I also love the way you took the pictures and only showed your girls faces. Great photography!
    Hope you have had a restful Sunday. Praying for that special phone call.

  6. Likewise, music provides something our souls need. I play the handbells too, but the tone chimes have fascinated me. I would love to have an opportunity to learn to play them too.

    I love the manner in which you blurred the pictures the focus then was on your own little musicians. Perfect!


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