Saturday, April 9, 2011

Book Review Saturday (Edition 11)

I really don't feel a huge need to give this fantastic book a review because I know many of you have already read or are reading it. Instead I thought I would mention how cool I think it is that Ann Voskamp is Canadian and lives about two hours away from us. I can totally identify with the landscape of which she speaks. To see that her book 1000 Gifts has become so popular with so many women makes me smile.

It is indeed a book that stirs the heart into a new way of thinking. Looking at life from a different perspective. Since I began listing my 1000 gifts over a year ago, I have been able to find joy amidst the frustration, peace amidst fear, and hope in struggle.

The evening that I finished Ann's book is memorable not for anything profound, but in its simplicity. I was waiting for our youngest to nod off and I was sprawled on our bed listening for the sounds of silence. As I closed the book, I indeed did not hear little girls sighs and murmurs, but the sounds of the birds. The cheery chortle of the robins, the pipping of the black birds, the squawk of the grackles, and the happy chirp of the sparrows were creating a veritable bird choir right outside our windows. I stared out the west window to take in the sturdy outline of the huge silver maple behind our garage. It has withstood many a storm -- not unscathed, but still proud and strong. Dusk was stretching the shadows here and there. A mild day had made the upstairs quite warm, so it brought with is hopes of long summer days and warm nights with the windows open and the crickets singing. I felt at complete peace. The questions of the day, the demands of the children, the to do list, everything was completely erased for a short time.

If I had not read 1000 Gifts, I am not sure I would have noticed the moment in the way I did. It was special. A gift from God to me.

1000 Gifts is one of the few books I will read again and again, and when I do, I will read it with highlighter and pencil in hand because there are so many gems in this book that are meant to be savoured, to let roll about in one's brain, to hold on to for the future. The book itself is a gift!

If you haven't read Ann's book yet, I highly suggest you get ahold of it. I'll even let you borrow my copy (before I mark it all up) if you would like!

Be blessed!


  1. Yes, a fellow Canadian... that makes me smile too! Great post, Deborah. This book has taught me many, many things too. It's a gem. I've read it a second time already and did highlight & underline A LOT!

  2. Wow! Way to go! I think I might take it with me on that looooong flight we'll be making someday soon :o).

  3. More than a fellow Canadian... seems like you two are in the same general neck of the woods? Or is my geography off?

    Haven't read the book (my waiting pile is too big to add anything else just now!) but I enjoy her blog.

    You'll let us know when the flight is, yah?


  4. This is on my stack of books and I'm looking forward to reading it, though I leant it to my mom and she gave it back, unable to get through it and did not like it at all which surprised me. I suspect I will like it though.

    Can hardly wait to hear which adoption book you've found the most helpful!

  5. Yes, yet another reminder for me to get this book to have in my own library.

    Thanksgiving...The LORD wants all His people to be thankful.

  6. That looks like a fantastic book! I'll add it to my list!!

  7. Sounds like one I need to add to my list. I'm hoping to get a lot of "for me" reading done this summer, but I know I have a lot more on my plate as well such as quilting plans, homeschool lessons to get planned out (learned my lesson this year about not planning the entire year in advance - that's what works best for me), and lots of time helping with hubby's business (the explosion of paperwork everywhere he doesn't have time to deal with is overwhelming me!).


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