Friday, April 8, 2011

Project Simplify Week 6: Miscellaneous

I attacked The Boy's room this week. The real encouragement to get moving on his room was that his closet had to be emptied to get at our air exchanger. There was stuff everywhere because our camping gear is also stored in his closet. I found  some of his clothing piled behind all the camp gear :oO.

Now his closet is more organized and his clothes are all accounted for. In the process, I discovered that he has three pairs of shorts and that's it. Do you think that will last him the two weeks that we are in the Philippines :oD? Time for another thrift store shopping trip :oD.

To save you having to backlink, here are the befores. (Note: This is even before the closet had to be emptied).

I can't believe I let him get away with it getting this bad!


He still needs a closet door and a couple of hooks within for various paraphernalia. His bed is a disaster because I want to wash his sheets. I heard we're supposed to have sunshine for the weekend, so I'm holding off in the hope of line drying sheets. For those of you who know how difficult it is to make bunk beds, let me just say that loft beds are even worse! You almost have to stand on your head to accomplish a remotely made bed look. Preposterous, I say :o)!

On another note, I had a blast doing Project Simplify! I can hardly wait to start putting the rest of our house back together as the renovations begin to be completed. I'll try to remember to take before and after photos as much as possible. A big thank you to Tsh Oxenreider for hosting!


  1. I'm impressed with how much you are getting done! It looks GREAT! Now...if your boy is like one of mine the challenge will be to keep it looking like that! =)

  2. I didn't know you were adopting 3 sisters! That's so wonderful. I can't wait to see the lovelies. And have fun during your stay here in the Philippines! :)

  3. room looks wonderful (esp with your lovely dog posing!) and yes 3 short will be enough for your trip if he washes his clothes everyday! :)

  4. Wow! You really did a lot today. The transformation is amazing.
    Rest now.
    Hope you have a nice weekend, friend!

  5. I love before and afters :D The room looks great :D

    I'm with you about making bunk beds... it's a pain!

    I've sewn two flat twin sheets together to make a comforter cover, so it's just one "sack" to arrange. Seems to work for us :D

    I'm hoping to do some line drying soon too! That really feels like spring!


  6. Wow! I love the wall color and the snazzy flooring, Deborah! I always thought there must be some magic bunk bed making strategy that I was missing. Your dog = adorable!


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