Friday, February 25, 2011

Sad Girl | Bad Dog

Poor Squirt is minus a flip flop today. She got this cute pair of flip flops (that I found at the thrift store for $0. 99!! Oh yeah!!) on Valentine's Day that she absolutely loved!

Chilly toes.

Last Friday while we were van shopping, the temperature climbed into the double digits Celsius. So the fact that there was grass mud largely exposed due to our melting mountains of snow, she just HAD to wear her flip flops. (She now had quite the cold. Wonder why?)

Pleased as punch!

They ended up covered in mud and neglected in the bottom of the coat closet. I keep reminding the children to shut the closet doors, but someone forgot (again) and the temptation became to great for one big black dog.

Doesn't he look guilty?

Now we have a sad girl and a bad dog. Good thing she loves him lots because later in the day, she was hugging him and chatting away to him again.

*Sigh* What would the world be like without our pets?!


  1. Emma has been quite angry with Winnie, as well, over destroyed things. but you right, they love them so much. I think ti's almost easier for kids to forgive an animal b/c they really know there's no wrong intentions. Cute flip-flops, though, you'll have to keep your eyes open for more :)

  2. Whoa, he has gotten big. And he looks like he is laying amongst rose petals. My doggie, when he was a pup, chewed up my All Time Very Favorite House Slippers. And he chewed on the rocker part of my great aunt's rocking chair. Chewing = Many Frustrations.

  3. oh dear!! look how big he is getting wow!! ~Glad they are still friends inspite of the chewy misunderstanding hehehe ~Love Heather

  4. He's so cute! He looks like a nice black bear! Sad about the flip flops though! You're a good mama to welcome "Bear" into your home, Deborah!

  5. Our sweet pup (an Australian Cattle dog crossed with a german shepherd) has a thing for removing clothes from the washing line. Which was OK until she decided to destroy after removing them. After losing most of my work clothes and nearly all my sleepwear, we fenced off a section of the yard for the clothes and peace has returned. Dogs huh? We love them but they can be naughty.

  6. I can see that sweet little face and I know that he did not mean to destroy the flip flop!!
    Our little naugty Bella has destroyed many a shoe in her short little life, too! But you are right...we love them!

  7. Oh no! We've all been there as pet owners. Our basenji mix has literally eaten most of our family room rug (a rug I really liked and had picked out myself after a long search), but I still love the little stinker.


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