Thursday, February 24, 2011

In God's Timing

I'm back at the blogging. We received news today that our girls' medicals are not until March 21, so we're trying to retrain our thinking from "we could get the call any day" to sometime in April/May. Truth be told, I am getting a little weary of people asking if we have heard anything. I know it's just that they're excited for us, but delay after delay is starting to grate on our nerves. We just want to hold our precious daughters and love on them, but it's all in God's timing -- not ours!

On the upside (because there is always an upside :o))our house will be much closer to being completed before they arrive, we likely won't have negative 15 degrees Celsius, we will have our new (to us) twelve passenger van (lovingly named 'Monster' :oD), and Bub will be able to work March break.

So even though we're disappointed, there is some positive in it. Now if only we can stand another eight to twelve weeks of waiting :oS! We know many of you are keeping us in our prayers. We thank God for you and your prayers!



  1. Praying for patience and peace for your whole family! Hugs to you all! Sandra

  2. Oh, that has to be hard, hearing that news! And, i'm sure it's hard with friends always asking...hang in there, you're right, God's timing is perfect, even if we don't (or may never) understand.

  3. Praying for your patience! Hold tight, hopefully it will be good to have a date to focus in on. Things should move quite quickly once the medical/visa appointments are completed! (In the meantime, I have a t-shirt that says "Yes, I am still adopting, and no, I haven't heard anything yet." It works every time when you're sick of the well-meaning questions...) Wishing you a quick couple of weeks!

  4. Lily has a tee shirt that says "Worth the Wait" on it. They will be worth the wait. Sucks having to keep holding on...and the constant questions like "Why does it take so long?" don't help. Will be thinking of you and saying lots of prayers.

  5. Oh it's hard to wait.

    Waiting with you in prayer,


  6. That is hard being so patient for something so exciting. I will pray for you guys. How exciting though to watch all the changes as you are waiting. God has perfect timing!! Can't wait to see the monster hehehe...Hope your having a good week ~Love Heather

  7. Oh, dear friend! It is indeed so hard to be patient in times like these but the fact that you can see the bright side of things says so much about who you are in Christ!
    Loved seeing that you popped up on my reader today. YAY!

  8. Hi Deborah. Your girls are beautiful. They are definitely worth the wait!!! I pray that your wait after the medical was as fast as ours. We only waited 4 weeks. The extra time will just mean that you guys will be more prepared for when they arrive. Brian and I ran around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get everything ready for Rafael. It was very stressful so at least you can now avoid that!!! I pray that all goes well.


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