Monday, February 21, 2011

The Overrated Family Day!

Hi, I'm blogging today. Just wanted to whine about a dumb stat. holiday invented by a  provincial government guy. My hubby doesn't get it off, so we never plan anything. Today, I  finally ripped a computer out of one of my sweet children's hands simply so I could connect with the world outside. However, laundry is almost done, cinnamon buns are rising, I have my last quilt for the one of the Wee Three almost finished and well, my mood is perking up. I still say Family Day is a big joke though. I can think of a much better time of the year to add in an extra stat. How about late June, for example?

Wishing you all a great Family Day, President's Day, and if you don't get this Monday off, don't be sad -- at least you won't be confused the rest of the week about what day it is!



  1. Good to "see" you today! I'm definitely working ... blah. But you're right, I won't spend all day Tuesday thinking it's Monday. I guess there's a bright side to everything. :-)

    Happy Whatever Day!

  2. Hah! Yeah. How can you plan something when the weather's planning awful-ness??!

    And I get confused about which day it is just by sleeping!

    Glad to hear you're making progress with the quilts - the sense of accomplishment is indeed a "natural high".

  3. Heelloooo my friend!
    So glad to see you, even if it is a whine! I had to work today. We do not get President's day. So, tell me what Family Day is all about?
    So happy that you were able to get your quilts finished! It will not be long, now.
    Hope you have a lovely week!

  4. Welcome back my friend! Good to see you today!

  5. Good to see you back :D

    And I have to tease a little... we (in the states) notice how many holidays Canada has. And here, we had one in February you didn't. Today is President's Day. Maybe your gov't figured you all need to keep up with the Jones, so to speak, and gave you another holiday today!

    What is a stat. holiday?


  6. Family, haven't heard of it. :)

    Our school doesn't take ANY extra days off hardly, so we were working right along with you. haha!

  7. Annesta, Family Day was passed by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty as a day for families to spend together doing something fun. It's really a moronic holiday because this time of year, the only fun stuff costs a fortune (eg. skiing, tubing, etc. -- as it usually snows here), and if you want to do something a little warmer, well it's indoor expensive, aka as the movies. To top is off, it's not mandatory that everyone has to take it off, so Murray has to work as do many others.

    Julie, stat holiday means it is statutory or government sanctioned. Personally, I still think it's lame. You are right though we do have an awful lot of holidays. The summer ones are my favorites!

  8. I had the day off, too! It was very "family-ish" with grand daughters in the morning and a trip to the airport to retrieve Bill, in the afternoon. Now, a work day at school . . .
    Wow! You've been productive!

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  10. I agree. I would much rather have off a nice sunny warm day than a cold day! My kids are home from school, snow....I've seen enough! Welcome back from your blogging break.

  11. Trying this again (having all sorts of Google issues today). The public schools and govt. places (libraries, etc.) were closed yesterday for President's Day, but nobody else gets the day off. That's always struck me as stupid. We don't take the day off from our homeschool lessons. It was the last day of this year's Great Backyard Bird Count, so we were out and about in the afternoon recording our findings. :) This time of year is great for outdoor stuff stuff for us - the summer, not so much in the dreadful heat.


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