Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bracing for a Big One

The first clue I had that we are expecting more snow was the big road grader on our side road.

Generally the only time we see these machines in this neck of the woods is well, almost never -- because we rarely get enough snow to require their use. However, there is still lots of snow hanging around from Snowmaggedon as it is now affectionately called, so the normal plows can't push it back any further.

Nuff said. :o)

My next clue was Facebook. Generally, I'm blissfully ignorant of the not too concerning things of this world. If I want news that impacts my worldview, I use Twitter. On fb there was blather of canceled appointments, and travel changes. Of course in my out and about errands of the past two days I've heard lots of discussion about the weather, so now I'm up to speed. I even checked the Environment Canada weather. Sounds like another snow day tomorrow. I'm ready. The kids are too. (I hope they don't mind all the jobs I have lined up for them, heheheh). I restocked our milk and hot chocolate supply. There's lots of food in the cupboards and the freezer, and even better, we finally have some sleds for on our snow hills again. I say, "bring it on!!!"

Except, it does mean another delay for the addition. :oS.

How about you? Do you enjoy an unplanned day off on occasion?



  1. We're supposed to be getting a big one too!!! The only thing is that the girls at work had a shower planned for us tomorrow night so that will probably be cancelled. They'll have to reschedule for next week! I love snowstorms!!! The only thing is that we can't take the day off of work and if there is no way for us to make it in, we have to take annual leave. In 12 years, I have only missed 3 hours of work due to a snow storm. That was the day when the plow got stuck in front of our house!! Not bad!!
    Bundle up and enjoy your day off!!! Hopefully our kiddos are enjoying better weather in the Philippines.
    Did you find out anything on the Immigration website??

  2. Oooo, the boys would be jealous. They would LOVE a day or two (or more!) off to play in the snow and drink hot chocolate.

    Have fun!


  3. My kids are also hoping for a snow day tomorrow! Although the school secretary told hubby (he was volunteering today) that in her 26 years working for our school board, there has never been a snow day! Can you believe it?!?

  4. It looks like we will have another snow day tomorrow (college and work...except for Sara who works at Kroger and Kroger never closes). My homeschoolers don't get the day off and they didn't even ask. I don't know how you endure so much snow. I am a homebody, but sometimes I want everyone to go where they need to go. :)

  5. "On occasion" is the operative phrase here! I do love the occasional snow day, no driving, no go-go-go, just reading in front of the fire. But after a couple in a row, I'm ready to get back to the routine!

    Enjoy your storm!


  6. Wow you guys are just getting belted on the East with bad weather!! It is freezing here today I think my blood has thinned out 40f degrees feels like 10 degrees...Stay Warm...Love Heather
    p.s. cute basketball pictures. your daughter looks like she is getting tall also :) Our oldest is now taller than me I don't remember if I told you or not but he walked right into the dining room light and broke it ...We had it hanging to low for his height!! another trip to home depot lol!

  7. Hope you weather the storm ok, we did pretty good, although hydro was off most of the night, but was back on again at 9:30 am, I was glad, we were have run out of water. The wind was sure strong!


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