Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Wednesday Wander

I, in fact have not gone anywhere, but this post is a bit of a mental meander.
  • The big blizzard of 2011 fizzled in comparison to the Snowmaggeddon of less than two months ago. Lots of snow, some wind, but once our neighbour came and plowed our lane, the Engineer tooted off to work in his wee car like he would on any other day. It sure is pretty again though and it has continued to gently snow all day.
  • I'm giving my toaster oven a serious workout. I made a HUGE batch of granola yesterday, and cinnamon buns today. On the stove I have a great big pot of bean soup that we dined on for lunch, and in one crock pot is a batch of pumpkin butter, and fajita fixin's are smelling great in the other one. Peach made some bread pudding that is curing? aging? soaking? in the fridge. It will not be ready to bake until tomorrow.
  • I power walked three miles today (in my basement). Most days of the week, I only do one or two miles, but at least once a week I like to do three. Now that I'm feeling a little more toned and in shape again, it's time to work the weight training back in. Hopefully with no injuries this time.
  • There are piles of messes everywhere right now. I can only get the kids to do so much. The one thing that I have noticed about them being in school that I do NOT like, is how tired they always are. I am really hoping to have all six girls home with me next year. You trade one thing for another I have discovered. They're only young for a season and I really like teaching and learning with my children.(Side note: Squirt has fallen asleep in the chair downstairs. I knew she was tired!!)
  • I really need to do some serious housekeeping tomorrow while they're all at school. We have a gentleman from one of the kitchen companies we're considering coming out on Friday to measure up and give us some ideas. We went to their showroom a couple of Saturdays ago, and I was super impressed with their knowledge and service. I really really hope they have a good albeit competitive price for us.
  • Now that it is February, I feel like the countdown is on. A sort of nesting
    phase has hit. Unfortunately, there is not a single thing I can do until the addition/renovations are done. I'm feeling just a tad squirrely these days. I mostly just want our little girls' room done, but it's a little hard to work in with three car seats, three single beds, a queen bed, two dressers, and multiple boxes filled with clothing, plus some other items laying in wait.
  • Speaking of our little girls, I saw some new photos again today on Facebook. I am awed and amazed every time I see new photos of them. It all still seems so surreal! I can only imagine how surreal it will feel when we are winging our way on a 19.5 hour flight to the Philippines.
  • I realized this morning that I've only made two blankets for the Wee Three. I better get cracking on the third, since my mental countdown is on. Yikes!
  • I've been reading a couple of books on homemaking and being at home full time. Interesting, confusing, sometimes frustrating, but on the whole, I cannot disagree entirely with the authors' thoughts. I'm still mulling my thoughts about the second one, but I'm not done it yet, and if it helps me be a better wife and mother, then it's a very good thing.
Well, there you have it. Thoughts from my wandering brain. Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!



    1. I'm impressed with all you do with a toaster oven. And good for you doing all that walking. I need to work on that.......soon. You have a lot going on!
      Have a blessed day,

    2. I too am impressed with all that you do with your toaster oven. WOW!
      After reading your post, Deborah, I almost felt the need to lay down and take a nap...LOL!
      Just take one day at a time and everything will work out for your wee little ones room. They will not care if every thing is in place. They will just be so happy to have a new permanent home.
      You amaze me with ALL that you do everyday!! And still find time to finish two books. I feel like such a slacker next to you...hehehe!
      Hope the rest of your week is as productive as the first part.
      blessings, my friend.

    3. praying you get that oven soon, although everything sounds so good :O)
      We have been iced in for 2 days in Dallas. Looks like tomorrow too......going a little squirrly here myself :OP

    4. I too feel like a slacker when I read about your days! Between your toaster oven and two crock-pots you're doing amazing things in the kitchen!

      Enjoy your snow... wish we had some.


    5. You sound busy! yay about the walking, I only got in 2.6 miles today.

      Enjoyed reading!

    6. You'll get the blanket done. I like how you are thinking about next year and school. You'll know what's right and this tired year of school is good, too.

    7. Some interesting thoughts I enjoyed reading your post...good job with the exercise. The Jari Love videos are great for toning up with weights I love them in a few weeks you start seeing a huge difference. It is how I finally got some nice muscles. And the videos are cheap and not to difficult to do. ~That is wonderful that you are able to see pictures of the girls on facebook. We are Canadian there fore we will always be giving our toaster ovens a workout ehhehehe even if you had a working oven. Americans do not understand the toaster oven lol. Not that long ago I met another Canadian over here and you know what we discussed toaster ovens and electric tea kettles lol!! my husband thought it was the funniest thing. Can't wait to here of the safe arrival of your girls....My husband has been traveling to that area he will be going to the Philippians again in a few weeks it is a very long flight but you will be so excited. He has a Kindle and that was the best investment with all his work travel. Okay enough of my novel...I will keep your family in my prayers have a Great Day ~Love Heather

    8. i want to loan you one of my all time favourite books of ever for momminess.
      when can we meet again?


    9. How exciting that you may have all six girls being homeschooled again. (You know I am so biased in that respect!) I wish I could get as motivated as you in the kitchen. I still have the blahs. I really should be filling the freezer with muffins, etc. so I won't heat the house up when warm weather rolls around. Oh, and I would love to discover the secret to having my kids clean around the house. I've tried everything I can think of (offering an allowance, taking things away, revoking privileges, etc.) and they still will barely lift a finger. I am wondering if it's just a boy thing.....


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