Tuesday, February 1, 2011


One thing about Peach and going to school this year. She has embraced athletics. She did cross country and soccer in the fall, volleyball just before Christmas, and more recently basketball. I did no athletics whatsoever until university and then it was the recreational league.

I think partly the reason that she's joined every sport team is that our school is small enough that it's pretty much required that all the students in grade seven and eight participate. Regardless, she quite enjoys it.

Yesterday, was the Christian schools basketball tournament. Our school placed second. Not too hard to do when there's only three schools competing :o). Bub and I were able to stop by and watch one of their games as I had to pick him up after completing his last exam. Peach's team is so cute! Pigtails and purple and white war paint under the eyes. It was a very good game, despite the fact that they were skunked by the opposing team in the end.

We're really not into watching sports, but there's definitely something about watching your own child play that really gets you into the game. Does anyone else watch sports simply because their child is playing?



  1. Deborah,
    My oldest just swam in middle school...no sports in HS. My youngest did everything...and yes, we went to every game. Here, soccer is played after Christmas through about March. Many, many of games I sat outside on the blechers and froze watching her play soccer! Fun times!! Kind of miss those days.

  2. Too right! That's about the ONLY time we watch sports :D And in our house it's soccer, soccer, soccer.

    We watch the Super Bowl, but that's about it. And I don't even know who is playing or care who wins, but my parents always have a "Soup-er Bowl" potluck party that is fun :D

    Good job, Peach!


  3. Deborah,

    My daughter made the school's basketball team this year too. She's in Grade 8. Their school colour is purple too!!! They are undefeated so far. :-)

    We go and watch every game & we're drivers for away games. Hubby is a big basketball fan... it is a very popular sport in the Philippines, that's why!

  4. Pretty much the only time I watch sports, D.! My older son is not athletic, and so I got off scots-free for years. I'm making up for lost time with my younger son, who is Mr. Jock. I actually really enjoy his games, but they're the only sports I watch other than local minor league baseball.


  5. We're just not a sports family. We don't watch on tv, and the kids don't participate on any teams. We've offered, but my oldest has never had an interest. On the other hand, he's finally starting horse riding lessons today and is beyond excited. Animals are is thing, and that's perfectly fine with me. My youngest wants to take karate now though. Not sure what we're going to do about that. On a side note, because we homeschool (and use our state's option of going through an umbrella school rather than reporting to our county superintendent), they cannot join any public school teams (if we reported to the superintendent they could). I don't think they would ever really want to do that anyway though.


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