Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What To Do On (Yet Another) Snow Day

I'd like to say the children and pup spent the entire morning outside, but that didn't happen. They did go out for almost an hour. In that time I debated locking the door, turning up some good tunes, making myself another cup of coffee and curling up with a book, but I didn't. I started cleaning -- or rather, sorting and purging.

Once the kids had warmed themselves with a cup of hot chocolate, I had them get in on the cleaning, sorting, and purging too. My basement is almost recognizable again now!

I have Bub off in his room sorting through nine years of assorted memorabilia. I figure he is old enough to decided what to get rid of on his own now. Every so often he comes out of the man cave his room to show me a particularly funny drawing or journal entry. I see now that he's always been a bit of an artist and writer. Although, he did inform me that his lowest mark in grade 3 was in art. Go figure!

I have the girls showering and practicing their instruments. Shortly we're going to start working on their rooms. We're trying to find Peach's missing retainer.

Hopefully we don't have too many more snow days this winter, although I am very happy with the production level today.

On another note altogether, Maverick had boy surgery yesterday. He's having a sleepy afternoon today, but that's actually pretty normal for him. He's doing great! We're just watching for infection and making sure he doesn't do too much licking.

He loves the snow!

I hope you are all staying warm and dry in this crazy weather we've been having right across the continent!



  1. Sounds like a lovely day of getting things done! Glad you could all be so productive!

  2. I always enjoy your pictures. We have gotten a lot of snow, too. Snow days are great if you don't have to drive in them which I didn't this time! Sounds like you made good use of the snow day.

  3. Maverick is getting so big. I hope he heals quickly.

    I love it when my kids start cleaning out. Sara just cleaned out her closet. That girl is a serious pack rat. The only way I can really tell is by seeing the bag of stuff she is letting go of. The results are not exactly discernible to the ordinary eye. :) ~Leslie

  4. Holy cow! Can't believe how big Maverick has gotten! Such a beautiful doggie! We have tomorrow off from school again. Good thing. I don't think I can move after all the shoveling I did today.

  5. Ah, poor Maverick...give him an extra treat for his pain!
    Sounds like you are having a great snow day. It's been cold here (not by your standards!) and I'm not home from work relaxing...trying to warm up!
    Love your always!

  6. We were hoping for a snow day today, but it turned to rain in the night and washed it all away. (Three sad boys here.)

    Gracious! That adorable puppy is turning into a handsome dog!

    And well done on your New Year's purging... now I'm inspired!


  7. Your dog is so cute and that picture is beautiful! Enjoy your snow. I really wish that we had some down our way. Hopefully it won't be long until your girls are home. Do you have any specific plans for their room?

  8. What a gorgeous shot of that dog--he's getting so big!

    Have you had cold temps with all that snow? We haven't had much snow, but it's been in the negative digits the past few days. Brrrr!

  9. Maverick's cute, so velvety!
    I hope I get at least one snow day.


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