Thursday, January 27, 2011

Maverick's Quirks

Who, me?!?

Somewhere Maverick got a memo that we're renovating, and has felt the need to help out. He knows exactly where the loose pieces are in our parquet floor and loves to remove them with a combination of a scratch and bite duo. He's pretty successful too. Unfortunately for us, once he does it once, we have to leave the pieces out because he keeps going back to them.

Hopefully he doesn't discover any new loose pieces. Who's ever heard of a kitchen floor with potholes ;oD?

Popcorn and apples are Mav's favorite snacks. As soon as I get out the popcorn maker, he parks his butt on the floor and waits. He knows that once that thing starts making popping sounds, a tasty treat is bound to come flying off the counter top at any time. He's there to gobble them up almost before they hit the floor.

I try to work out daily, but with Maverick around, it gets a little frustrating. Often -- even if I've already taken him out for a bathroom break, he will start whining to go out before I'm even halfway into my workout. If he's not doing that, he's laying right we're I work out. He's such a pest :o)!

Mavy has a tidy little pen in the backyard, but refuses to go in it anymore. However, we have to draaaaag him into the house every time after he gives in to the call of nature. He's getting a little large for the little girls to pull in.

Despite his quirks and all the dog hair he leaves around, we can't imagine life without our goofy big black dog. He's enriched our life in big ways and small ways.

Doesn't every one need a pet of some sort?


P.S. Did I tell you he can read? :oD


  1. LOL!
    Maverik sounds like a character! He and Bella could have some kind of fun, for sure!
    And, I love your parquet floors. So sad you have to pull them up...they are beautiful!!
    I love the picture of Maverik with snow all over his nose.

  2. Oh, this made me laugh out loud. Labs are so stinkin' smart AND cute. Growing up I had a black lab. Talk about energetic! She learned how to open the gate all by herself. I am not at all surprised that Mav has learned to read. :)

  3. He is so cute! I absolutely LOVE the first pic. Popcorn is a well-loved treat at my house as well. None of us can enjoy our treat without being stalked. Of course the boys love to share their popcorn with both dogs.

  4. Oh,Deborah your fur baby is sooo sweet!
    You made my day!


  5. What a NUT!! Maverick sounds like a hilarious addition to your family....the looks on his face are priceless. I absolutely love the first one with the bulls-eye around his own eye--cute!


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