Friday, January 28, 2011

Hands Free Reading

Sometimes I'm so desperate to read, but have to be elbow deep in dishes that I do this.

I still haven't figure out how to turn the pages though without a big production :S.

How do you fit reading into your daily lives?



  1. :)
    I have a kindle and I pull it out of my bag when I have a minute!
    happy reading

  2. I read while I dry my hair (an ordeal I try to only engage in every 2-3 days...the drying, not the reading) and I read at night and in the wee hours thanks to insomnia. If I take a nap or just need to rest I will read for a little bit, but typically I don't do much reading during the day.

    My new thing is to listen to podcasts/sermons on my itouch while I work around the house. I am on a Tim Keller kick right now.

  3. love it! i read in the bath. Although I am reading the chronicles of Narnia right now and it is all in one huge book, that was a hard one last night :O)

  4. LOL! I stay up way too late at night reading. It's the only time the house is quiet and I can really enjoy any book.

  5. I am with flmom--I stay up late, late, late at night to read! I also try to fit in a few minutes during my lunch hour when I can. I carry a book everywhere with me, since I never know when I might get stuck in line, in a waiting room, etc. Yesterday my computer at work got a virus, and the tech had to work on it at my desk for 45 minutes. For me, that was 45 minuts of unexpected reading bliss! At the office, no less! :-)

  6. That is a great idea!! I love reading but I don't get nearly enough time to do it. My favorite place to read is in the bathtub. Another very tricky place to read without getting your book soaking wet!! Unfortunately I don't have any great ideas about turning the pages. I just tend to get the corners wet!!

  7. I read for about 15 - 20 minutes (or longer, if the book is really good) after my Bible reading and before sleeping.

    I also read while blow drying my hair and while combing my hair. (a different book than the bedtime book - or right now, my Old Schoolhouse Magazine).

    Sometimes I feel a little obsessive about how I have to be reading if at all possible.

    I used to listen to books on CD - now that I have four girls, they're too loud. :)

  8. Audio books are a great idea. You can listen to them in the car or while doing housework.

    The other option (and I am sure some will freak out) is to read while using the bathroom (at home only obviously). Five minutes one or twice a day... It all adds up.

  9. I read a chapter or so before a nap. That's not impressive, but it does work for me. Wish I could fit more in!

  10. I read everywhere, all of the time. I read many books at once. I love it when I am tidying up my classroom at the end of the day and I find books on the corners of tables, under the desks, even on the floor. My favorite smell is the smell of books.

  11. It was next to impossible to read when the kids were younger, I'd try at bedtime but always fall asleep as up early to run or head to an arena etc.

    Now I read more at leisure, waiting in the car , and at night sometimes when the kids are doing homework. I used to sew then , but am really busy working my way through some "must read if I want to write" books.

  12. I keep a book in my bag for 'spare moments'
    BBC Radio 7 has lots of 'classic serials' and I schedule my time if I can to be doing mindless housework/cooking and have the radio on. Just caught Thomas Hardy's "Far from the madding crowd" last week. It was fabulous
    Blessings x

  13. The magic hour when school is finished yet before I have to turn to preparing supper and bringing in the laundry - that's my reading time :-) Sleep is too precious to squander, even on something as special as books!


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