Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feelin' Blah

Yesterday I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, figuratively speaking. My morning did not start out well and by the time my sweet girlies bounced out the door for school, I just wanted to crawl back into bed and go to sleep for the day. Every day it snows. Every. Day. I'm not sure there has been a day this month where is has not snowed. The novelty has totally. worn. off.

Any hoo. I decided to get busy scrubbing, cooking, and baking. I started by cleaning my fridge. I have to be careful getting finger prints off it as the trim is ready to fall off at any moment. In fact I think I already stuck a large section of it back on with two-sided tape. Somewhere in between cleaning the fridge and wiping down counter tops, I decided to make myself a soup of vegetarian beef bouillon (it sounds a bit like an oxymoron doesn't it?) , sliced mushroom, chopped onions, and bok choy. This is one of the easiest soups ever, and I personally could eat it almost every day! I also tossed a spaghetti squash in my BIG crock pot. (I am desperately missing  my oven these days).I badly wanted to make a mango bread with the slowly rotting mangoes (told you my fresh produce has a tendency to rot),so I decided to brave a first attempt at baking a  quick loaf in the toaster oven.


The top turned out a little dark. I think I should have flipped the metal rack, so that it was closer to the bottom, but otherwise the bread tastes delicious.

The spaghetti squash was ready a couple hours before supper, so I pulled it out and let it cool. Meanwhile, I opened two jars of spaghetti sauce, water sauteed, some mushrooms and set it to warming. Eventually the squash joined the sauce. The kids gobble it right up! I know weird. Sometimes, even I can't believe what my kids will happily eat. I wonder if the Wee Three will go for this ;o)?

Anyways, keeping busy keeps the mind off the negative. Besides, I know I am abundantly blessed. I've almost reached one thousand gifts, after all! Sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed...

Does anyone else wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes?


  1. Oh, I do, especially if I wake up with a headache, which I did yesterday. I've spent 4 days with headaches in the past week. Ugh.
    I think all that snow would for sure get to me, too. I wish you warm breezes, sunshine and ripe mangos. (Mangos are summery! Wonder where on earth your Canadian mangos came from??? :) )
    Oh...I bought my first two spaghetti squashes yesterday. We are going to eat them sometime in the coming days. I had a hard time gauging how much I would need for my family so I bought one big one and one medium sized one.


  2. Sometimes? Unfortunately, it's a little more than sometimes for me.

    Still, God loves me and patiently reminds me that all this stuff I fill my eyes and my heart with is nothing compared to Him.

    Thanks for this post today, if nothing else it was to let me know I'm not the only one. Blessings!

  3. Absolutely, Deborah! More times than I even want to admit. I love your transparency. It is so refreshing! I agree with Shayne,God loves us no matter what. I admire you for pushing ahead and doing all you did even thought you felt out of sorts. I know God will bless your efforts and your faithfulness to him and your family.

  4. Yes, Deborah, we ALL have days where we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. But, grace abounds! And, when you recognize that a rough day is beginning, it's easier to muster the weapons to fight against Satan's attacks.

    On a tastier note, it is mango season here in the Solomons. We hear them "plonck" down on the raintank day and night :-) Enjoy!

  5. I completely hear what you're saying--why does that happen?? I have to give myself little shakes and lectures throughout the day on not being grumpy


    I have to "preach" to myself all day long. reminding myself of what I know vs. what I feel.

    I don't know if it's the darkness of winter, hormones, a touch of a 'bug', general crankiness or what (or all?!) but it hits me from time to time.

    You're already found one antidote, though - being thankful.

    You go, girl!


  7. Yes! I've been feeling rather "blah" and unmotivated all week. Definitely doesn't help that we, like you, are getting inundated with snow this year.

    On a chipper note, though, I too do the same thing with spaghetti squash and am always so tickled pink that my kids eat it and have no.idea! :)

    Blessings to you!

  8. As a child I took this message literally and thought it would be as easy as just getting up on the other side of the I know much more extreme measures are needed!

    I agree that getting busy is a wonderful antidote. For me these days walking/ praying works. Of course, it would be more of a challenge for you to get outside with all your snow "blessings" (my children's thoughts- they love snow).

    Filling your home with cooking and baking helps. And I will also "dress-up" a little more on those days. For example, a skirt and pretty top versus jeans and sweater, maybe a little more make-up and jewelry.

    And filling my home with praise and thanksgiving music....I believe you have mentioned this.

    You are such a wise woman, I am thankful to connect with you!

  9. (((hugs))) yes, we all ahve days like that, but sounds like you got things done. :)

    Do you know when you are travelling to get your girls?? I'm sure you can't wait!! I can't wait to know they are in your arms!! :)

  10. Had a day like that yesterday also.. S.A.D.?? I think I need to buy one of those lights. hugs.

  11. I am not a morning person. I have to talk myself out of bed every day and am cranky until that first cup of coffee. Usually that's enough to set me straight, but there are those days that are just wrong through and through. The best thing I know to do is fold laundry and bake bread--at least I feel like I've been useful, even if my mood is black.

    I'd like to give spaghetti squash a try. I love winter squashes!


  12. Oh I hear ya I had one day this week like this and I don't even have snow lol! and I did crawl back into bed for a little bit after I got the kids to school and read my book for awhile. ~It sure helps to think about what we are blessed with and to keep busy for sure. Not to much longer and spring will be there ~Praying you are feeling much better and light in heart ~Have a wonderful weekend Love Heather

  13. I think I've been waking up on the wrong side of the bed since mid-December. We're not dealing with snow, but we're still getting blasted with crazy up and down temps. I am not a cold weather person. I've lived away from it for too long now. Apparently my body is not happy with the temp shifts too as I finally get well then end up sick again a few days later. I'm beyond tired of that (said as I'm currently sneezing like crazy, coughing like crazy, and achy all over - I had chills so badly yesterday I feared I wouldn't be able to warm up). I have so many things I NEED to bake (want to bake), but I just don't have the energy. Spring can't get here soon enough.


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