Tuesday, January 25, 2011

On Being Vegetarian (Sort of)

1} We're still not entirely vegetarian. Apparently, we're called flexitarians. (Someone who is mostly vegetarian, but will eat meat on occasion). Bub loves to tell everyone he's a flexitarian.

2} I hate telling people I don't eat (certain) meat(s) when we're out.

3} Practically every healthy well balanced vegetarian meal takes forever to prepare despite what the vegetarian cookbooks like to tell you. Never mind the sink FULL of dishes when you're done.

4} I need a bigger fridge for all the fresh stuff we eat.

5} I can't get lazy because then the fresh stuff will rot. And at the price of fresh produce in the winter, this is NOT good.

6) Sometimes I get a serious craving for a loaded hot dog or bacon. Mmmm, bacon! ;o)

7) I have people tell me I'm crazy for the decision we've made, but it works for us.

Bon app├ętit, mes amis!


  1. Your post literally made me laugh out loud! I finally have a name to what I am...a flexitarian. Can't wait to tell Amy, my vegetarian daughter. She is the true vegetarian in our family. But, I do worry that her meals are not all that balanced because what you say is completely correct about the time and effort it takes to prepare the meals.
    And, tell the engineer that you need a second fridge...especially with the three wee ones that are on the way!

  2. Ha ha ha! Lots of dishes to wash DOES mean lots of good cooking. I like that.

  3. I am familiar with the term flexatarian, but it would take more than a new word to convince my husband not to eat meat. Certain foods I can most certainly do without, but there are staples to my meals that are hard to part with in cooking for my family, some meats being a portion for the most part. I salute you though, there are many that follow your path, successfully too.

    And what about the idea of serving only fresh produce being seasonal in your area? That puts an even bigger curve on daily meals at times during the growing seasons. You can tell all this creates a challenge to my thinking even though I do agree with all the premises.

    Have a blessed day! And please share your recipes with us.

  4. I admire you guys! the more I eat meat, the more I realize it really has no flavor, we just pile a bunch of spices on it to make it taste good.....well not bacon :O)
    I dream of being a flexitarian :O)

  5. I love the term flexitarian! That's pretty much what I am (or was, before I married my omnivorous husband). For some reason, whenever I eat meat more than one or two times a week, I end up feeling sluggish and low on energy. And I've just never really liked meat, particularly red meat, all that much.

    I know what you mean about not being able to get lazy! It doesn't take long for the fresh stuff to stop being fresh!

  6. Love the term. But, given that I had a loaded hotdog just this past weekend, I hardly fit the category. However, I was a die-hard vegetarian in high school, and meat never touched Becky's lips until she was about 5 and I just gave up and let her eat a hotdog. Too much work. I'm too lazy.

  7. You're definitely not crazy. . .except for the bacon. Although, if you are a flexitarian, I suppose you can have bacon once in a while. I do notice that when you are trying to eat healthy, the grocery list gets bigger for some reason. I imagine it's all the fruits and veggies that take up money and space.

  8. We're not vegetarians... we love eating meat. But I do *try* to make everything from scratch. So, I can totally relate to what you're saying about can't be lazy or the fresh stuff will spoil!

  9. Flexitarians probably describes my family, too. I've become committed to trying to get as much locally raised meat as possible, and if I can't find it locally, I still go organic and small farm. Since that means more $$$, we eat less meat. But I must admit, I am a bacon addict and throw it into one dish or another at least once a week. In fact, I have un-vegetarianed many a vegetarian dish with bacon!


  10. I hear you!! :) We were vegetarians, but now eat some meat. I do hope you get an oven soon!!

  11. I don't think you're crazy at all! :) I totally hear you on needed a bigger fridge because of all the fresh fruit and produce. I can't believe how crammed full mine is sometimes! Cooking vegan/veggie meals does take a while. I'm so glad someone else thinks this. I thought it just might be me as I have been getting frustrated lately with meals taking so long to prepare (since I've taken over cooking duties from hubby - I'm out of my element and I'm slow).

    BTW - Have you read The China Study? I finally got it from my library (after being on hold forever), but I've felt too awful this week to sit down and really dive into it. I've seen reviews/comments that it will definitely turn people off from eating meat. We've been studying hoofed creatures in science and read a book about pigs the other day. It talked at length about trichinosis. My oldest told me he'd never crave bacon again. LOL


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