Friday, January 7, 2011

Change of Plans

There is a blog I like to read called Info for Families. It's great! Lots of wisdom and helpful stuff for busy normal families like you and I.

Pastor Todd posted this video the other day. Mom? Dad? Are you free Saturday night? We're coming over okay! We HAVE to watch this movie, and with no television antenna, let alone cable or satellite, it's impossible to do here. We'll bring the popcorn and juice!

Here's the details: The Fox channel this Saturday night at 8pm (7 Central).

I hope you all get to watch it! And thank you, Pastor Todd for posting it on your blog!



  1. Guess where Bill is? In Cebu, the Philippines! I'll be praying for your girls.

  2. Noting this on my calendar! I kept thinking Brooke White looked familiar, then finally realized I remember her from American Idol. This looks so good!

  3. The trailer made me cry, lol! Definitely will check that out!

  4. I heard about this on the radio this morning and then you posted this. Going to mom's this weekend to help her out with grocery shopping and cooking...we will certainly watch this together! Thank you for posting the trailer.
    have a great weekend!

  5. It looks good, thanks for the heads up.

    and thank you for your nice comments Deborah.
    I'm so glad we are alive together :)

  6. Oh I am so glad you recommended this movie! I just loved it, even if I cried throughout the movie!

    blessings to you!

  7. Deb~ We all watched together last night and LOVED it! Thank you *so much* for the heads-up... I wouldn't have known about it otherwise :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a delightful week ahead! And enjoy the snow-- is any more headed your way by chance?? Any if so, may I send 3 young boys to your house for a few days (grin)??! They're just desperate for some accumulation and a good snowball fight!!


  8. Did you watch it last night? We didn't get the chance, but it's sitting in our DVR recordings. I can't wait to watch it sometime this afternoon.


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