Friday, January 7, 2011

Some Drama

Now that I've had a few days for my Mama heart to recover, I thought I'd tell you about a little drama we experienced on Tuesday. It's really a short story made long just so the drama makes sense.

5:05 pm The Engineer and I dropped the van off at the garage for the third time in three weeks. (Minimal drama here. Just oil change, leaky oil filter, new oil filter, shaky ride, so, new tires and lots of $$$ spent).

5:10 pm We sit at the corner in our small town in our itty bitty car waiting for the late bus (that we later found out only runs during football season. What's with that? Do country kids only play football)?

5:25 pm Hmm, where is the bus? I have supper on the stove (that Peach was looking after well) and the Engineer needs to put gas in our itty bitty car. So... he drops me off at home, goes to the other hick town to get gas, and goes back to see if the bus has arrived yet.

6:20 pm Phone rings. I pick it up. It's the Engineer. "Can you call the school? There is/was no bus. Should I check the stores in town?" (I need to add that at this point it is snowing so heavily that the road was no longer visible. It's typical weather for where we live). I'm am beginning to feel ill. I call the school. No answer. I make the girls eat while I do dishes and think.Did the bus drop off kids and we missed it? Is he now walking our (invisible) road home in a snow squall? Did the bus go off the road? You know, the 50 million mom questions.

6:30 pm I call my parents who live in the city and are barely ten minutes drive from the school. My mom literally plunks down the phone and off they go to see if he is at the school.

In the meantime, the Engineer arrives home. He's scans the school web page, I phone an acquaintance who drives bus. We call bus lines. Finally the Engineer calls the principal AT HOME. The principal tells him that he will go to the school and check to see if Bub is there. (How cool is that?!?!?)

6:46 pm I post a status on the Boy's facebook.( Hehehe! Now he's reaping the repercussions of that one).

6:51 My mom calls (from the school). My parents have him. He was calmly sitting on the floor in the hall with a classmate who was waiting for a ride. He says he figured sooner or later we would come and pick him up too. What a goof! The Engineer quickly calls the school principal back to let him know he doesn't have to go out on the then, very yucky roads.

I now realise why God blessed us with a son first. It's so he can work out all the kinks before the girls start highschool. I cannot begin to imagine if Peach did this to us.

One final thing. Why was he taking the late bus? He was auditioning for the school play Dinner at Eight, Dead by Nine.(He is soooo NOT me). Good thing he slept over at his grandparents because the title of the play might have rung true in our home on Tuesday night ;o).

Does anyone else have children who have the ability to make their Mama hearts race?


  1. Oh my. I can relate to this. I can't even count the times we have lost a particular child of ours...the worse time being on the streets of Dallas while delivering Boy Scout popcorn with his dad. I almost had to be sent to the funny farm when I rec'd the phone call about that. Why do we feel so in control most of the time when we are so obviously not?

    I am glad all ended well. We don't really have weather conditions to worry about here so I can only imagine what an added stress it must be. Oy.

  2. Um...did you ready my New Year's Eve/New Year's Day blog post???? Need I say more? Becky has been putting us through stuff like that for 18 glorious years. God bless her.

    Love the new header, by the way (knew I would)!

  3. Leslie, I'm so glad you can relate -- well, except for the snow part ;o).

    Wendy, I already knew you could identify.

    I figure what doesn't kill us, will make us grow stronger as parents :o).


  4. Oh, my! I'm so glad everything turned out all right!

  5. Just reading that made MY heart race!!!! Having kids wears our knees out in constant prayer, huh? :)

    SO glad it all worked out fine!

  6. I think I got sick too. I almost had to skip to the bottom to make sure everything was okay.

    Thank God!

    I love your new blog header!

  7. Children of the Corn! That is what I call my kids when they scare me :O)
    sorry you had drama mama :O)

  8. Oh that is a little drama so glad it all worked out and how exciting about the play!!! ~Gods grace is upon us for sure! ~Love Heather


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