Saturday, January 8, 2011

Because Sometimes You Just Have to Wear (Faux) Fur

Since I've taken a year off of homeschooling and all the children are in school everyday, my mom and I make plans to go out on the occasional thrift store shopping date. We love to look through one man's junk to find treasures for our homes and family.

We found this darling little coat at Goodwill ($6.99) for Squirt.  Because sometimes you just have to wear faux fur :o)!


  1. Beautiful! I quite agree! I have faux fur on my new winter coat. Periwinkle blue down and face framing fuzz!

  2. she looks beautiful!
    What a great find!

  3. Great find!! she looks adorable ~Love Heather

  4. Beautiful!!! Really, really beautiful!

  5. She is just gorgeous! Love the coat, but love her beautiful face more! An amazing shot.

  6. I agree with the others, Squirt is beautiful! She looks like a Little Princess!

  7. I am not one to usually wear fur of any sorts, yet this morning at church I drooled over a lady in the pew in front of me as she donned her fur coat at the end of service. It was gorgeous, and considering how cold the temperatures are outside I could only imagine how warm she would be once she stepped outside the church doors!

    I like your find for Squirt immensely...maybe I should consider faux fur...

    I am enjoying catching up reading your posts...thank you for your warm thoughts and prayers!

  8. Your children are all so beautiful - must be the great gene pool :-)


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