Tuesday, October 12, 2010


holy experience

Here in the frigid white north ;o) we celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend.

We went for a looooong walk along the beach on Saturday. Just one mom, one dad, four kids, and a dog.

Incredible beauty!

Awesome peace!

Amazing joy!

We worked in the gardens, harvesting, tidying and readying for winter.

I mowed a nicely greened up lawn, now that we've finally had some rain again.

On Sunday, we appreciated going to church in one vehicle as no one was on praise team this week.

We basked in the heat of the sun on the front porch with my parents

while we snacked on spice cake

and peanut butter cookies.

We went for a long hike at a local conservation area.

and took what is likely our last family portraits as a family of six :o)!

 The Engineer took the children to the lake for an autumn swim,

while my mom and I prepared our Thanksgiving supper.

And an exhausted puppy slept happily under the table.

We feasted around the table and

shared stories

and laughter.

On Monday we went to church to celebrate and give thanks with our church family.

I marveled at the talents with which God has blessed our children -- my own as well as the families within our congregation.

I appreciated the generosity of our church family in their purchasing of baking at our GEMS bake sale.

The Engineer and I enjoyed an afternoon of shooting (the camera type) five teenagers in the urban landscape.

We also enjoyed the teenagers. Those are very fun years! They are a wonderful group of youth!

As our Thanksgiving weekend drew to a close, we enjoyed the lightning blazing across the sky, and the low (and sometimes loud) rolls of thunder.

God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!

Celebrating God's gifts #'s 768-793.

For more posts that appreciate the generosity of our Lord, visit Holy Experience. You might also think about joining the gratitude community.


  1. Deborah,

    that just makes my heart sing - what a lovely long weekend.


  2. . . . because very soon, the girls will arrive and experience a warm welcome into your lovely lives! I'm excited!

  3. What lovely photos, Deborah, and a beautiful post, as always!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! What a nice time! Praying that our girls are home soooo soon!

  5. I am slightly warped in thinking it would be too cool to swim in your lakes at this tiem of year, but it looks as if your children had on bathing suits!

  6. Deborah,
    Happy belated Thanksgiving! Such a lovely post, my friend. I made your peanut butter cookies this weekend and they were yummy. I put the new M&M's with pretzels in the cookies.
    Thanks for sharing your recipe.
    May your weekend be blessed beyond measure!


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