Monday, September 13, 2010

Funny -- or Not!

I think I was not in a lucid moment when I thought that sending the children to school would allow me a large chunk of free time to get lots of things done before the arrival of the Wee Three. I do realize that they've only been in school five days, but already the discovery has been made that I am now a stay at home mom with all kinds of time on my hands. School members have already called me twice to get me to volunteer my abundance of free time. I have to learn to say nooooooo and not feel guilty. We put the kids in school because I need this time to catch up on a lot of various household things. How exactly am I going to do that if I am running out every week to do school related activities? I realize this school relies on it volunteers to help make it the great school that it is, but can't they do without me? Please?

Today I spent two and half hours at the laundry mat catching up on the wash. (Unfortunately our washing machine did decided to kick the bucket after all). I guess that is the time I should have been eating my bon bons while relaxing with my feet up! *sarcasm* I did read a good book though and felt no guilt. I even jogged to the pharmacy and back to beg and plead for correct change. Thank you sweet saleslady! You were very kind! Me being the cheap thrifty mom that I am though, I came home and filled my clotheslines instead. I enjoyed the wind and sunshine. It was a glorious day!

Before I knew it, my firstborn was off the bus. Seriously!! How could it be 3 pm already?!?

If all I'm going to get done in a day is the laundry, I might as well bring them all home again, because I've never had a problem getting the wash done when they were home all day. So was I lucid when we made this decision? I'll give it a few more days and let you know...


  1. Having no washer would seriously eat into my time and life. If it isn't one thing it is another, isn't it?

  2. I didn't realize you were sending kids to school. Different things for different seasons. I think I'd collapse from exhaustion from sending my kids to school, since I would not be able to say NOOOOOOOOO like you are doing so well!

  3. Do NOT feel guilty for saying no. They would be blessed to have you as a volunteer, but you know where you are needed most.

  4. Hey, a new season for you!! how exciting!! I didn't know you were sending the kiddo's off to school this year, goes to show how little time i've spent blog-surfing lately!

    I hope you have a wonderful time settling into your new schedule!!
    praying for the adoption stuff!!

  5. You are a wise woman.

    I was just today reading about volunteering for things that we might find difficult to fulfill...and yet for Christ's sake we are to do what we said we would do. So always pray first before making that commitment.


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