Thursday, September 9, 2010


Funny how I thought that when the children went to school, I would have more time for blogging. Who was I kidding? I thought I would shed tears and be missing them during the day. Perhaps it hasn't fully hit me yet. I thought I would get huge amounts of stuff done the first week. That hasn't happened either.

We're all still making adjustments. Figuring out where we need to make time and where we have excess time. Bub is having alarm clock issues and is rushing around so as not to miss the bus. The girls have plenty of time to even sit and read yet before their bus arrives.

I on the other hand have not been out of my housecoat before 8:30 yet this week -- with the exception of the first day because I wanted to attend the opening assembly at the girls' school. It seems the major adjustments belong to me. It doesn't help that I've been doing battle with a migraine which totally saps my energy, or that I have had to run out every day this week so far, but really those are just excuses. Hopefully by next week, I will be able to establish a good and consistent routine for myself too.

In the meantime, I've been busy in the kitchen putting up the harvest from the garden. Super spicy salsa, cukes ready to be made into bread and butter pickles, loaves of pear bread, yum! I love listening to the success of popping jar lids.

Off I go to perhaps get dressed and make a batch of milder salsa today and to get the pickles started. Oh, and just a little something to make you smile.

Sometimes it feels like we're having triplets :o)!


  1. Yeah school is an adjustment isn't it I am still trying to figure it all!! the 3 car seats what a cute picture! ~Have a great week hope you feel better love Heather

  2. I am whispering a prayer for your migraine this morning. Those are no fun.

    Love seeing those car seats and the "fruit" of your labor! It looks like you are accomplishing things even while you adjust to new schedule and routines. That is always the hardest part for me.

  3. I'm sure you'll find a routine that works for you :D

    And those car seats!!! WOOT!

    They're HUGE though... hope they fit in your car! I suppose your destined for something bigger than a car, though. Full-size van? Chevy Suburban?

    One thing at a time...

  4. You'll develop a routine as you go. Once your migraine is healed. :)

    The sound of popping seals is one of the sweetest in the world. Peach jam for me today.

  5. Can you send me a jar of your super spicy salsa! It's my major weakness in life!

    Love the carseat photo!

  6. Getting everyone off for school in the morning is a huge adjustment, but I think you'll start to get into a routine next week. It always takes me a week to get into one, myself. I hope your migraine is better soon!

  7. I think that last picture indicates that your schedule won't be a schedule for very long! :)

    He he he!

    How wonderful!

    Those cukes....they look yummy...I'm thinking refridge pickles! ;)

  8. How sweet! Do you have a big enough car? You must! I always thought I would get so much done when school started (BEFORE I became a teacher, of course) and the hours sped by. Oh well.

  9. I have been praying for you each and every day!

  10. Pear bread sounds delicious. It's one of my and hubby's favorites, but I haven't made it in forever. It's been so terribly hot here this year that I just couldn't drag myself into the kitchen to do much baking.

  11. Don't have a lot of time tonight but wanted to quickly say that the car seat picture made me smile! I will be praying for the little ones who will someday be sitting there. I hope that you will post a picture of the three of them in their seats all lined up like this!


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