Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Of School Buses and First Days

Our morning got off to a slightly rocky start, but not because of children sleeping in, lunches unmade, assorted items that could not be found, or nerves getting the best of my children. No, it was the school buses.

7:00 am. The sun in barely up. The bus is supposed to arrive at 7:14 am. Also, don't let his calm expression fool you. He was N-E-R-V-O-U-S! Post photo op., I prayed with him, gave him a big hug, and hid behind the bushes  on the porch (I'm pretending to be the paparazzi :oD!!) to get some more photos while he waited for the bus.

 The girls bus was expected to arrive at 8:34 am. They were out the door by 8:10. Definitely early enough!

As recommended by both bus lines, our children were outside at least 15 minutes before their allotted bus arrival time.And as predicted, both buses were running a little late. When Bub's bus arrived, it drove past and came to a grinding halt.

I'm waiting... and trying not to be too nervous.... waiting.... Doesn't he look handsome in his school uniform? I LOVE uniforns!!

Well, at least the bus driver stopped! Hopefully he doesn't have to run for the bus again tomorrow.

The girls on the other hand watched their bus drive right by.

  See Peach waving hesitantly and the confused posture on Beans while they look to see where their bus is going.

Not a minute later, the public school bus drives by. He's willing to pick them up! Thankfully Peach knew better than to hop aboard. On the other hand, I was thinking they should have ;o). The public school is directly across the road from the Christian school anyway.

So in the end, I hurriedly finish getting ready, so I couild drive the girls to school, so that they weren't late on their first day, so that everyone was happy! I was going to be there by nine am anyway, as the parents were invited to the opening assembly. It was just a little more rushed to get there.

It was neat to see the new school year begin with an opening assembly wrapped in prayer and praise. Now I am suprisingly enjoying my first day at home ALONE, and yet looking at the clock awaiting the first arrival home at 3 pm. I wonder how his day is going?

Everyone has arrived home again  and the girls' bus was only about ten minutes late. Can you believe their bus driver drove by AGAIN!?!? I really couldn't believe my eyes as I saw the bus go barreling by our laneway. Good thing we have a side road just past our house. She turned around and brought them back.

I had an hour and a half of just Bub and I. He LOVED his first day. "Math homework already. English is awesome. Greek mythology first and we get to do Shakespeare! I think I'm going to try out for the football team. "

Huh!? Seriously!? You go boy!!

The girls too were all smiles. Happy to be off the bus and give little tidbits about their first day. I've worked through the plethora of papers brought home by the girls to be stuffed back into backpacks for tomorrow.

I just hope tomorrow the bus drivers get it right :o)!


  1. oh, what a first day.
    I just had two to get out the door, with three at University now. sigh

    thanks for stopping by, I'm terribly behind in all things blog and email. I won't lie and say that the school day routine will be a little better for the me time stuff:)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day, minus the bus fiasco! I hope they get it figured out for tomorrow.

    Everyone looks so happy and excited. I'm really glad it's working out for you. It's a blessing to have so much flexibility in Canadian education.

  3. Oh Deborah,

    what a day! I'm sure the buses will get sorted out :D

    I'm with you about school uniforms... LOVE THEM. But it would be a bit excessive for our little homeschool ;D

    What a handsome boy and lovely, lovely ladies. Enjoy your days,


  4. Bub looks so grown up and your girls are very beautiful. I can't believe the bus flying by twice! And I really like the thought of you lurking in the bushes to take pictures. That is cute. So glad things are going well...such a sweet answer to prayers.

  5. Lily's bus was 30 minutes late on the first day; 15 minutes late on day 2, and 20 minutes EARLY on day 3. Day 1 it was over and hour late dropping her off back at home(she got home at 5:05 pm; school gets out at 3:30 and we live 2 miles from her school). I hate the first week of school!

  6. I laughed out loud when I read about the girls waving as the bus drove by. Such homeschoolers!! Too funny! My kids would not know what to do either... I am glad it all worked out for everyone. Have a blessed year!

  7. Sounds like the school year is off to a good start! Hopefully the bus will get it right next time.

  8. I woke up yesterday and thought about your sweet family and that perhaps yesterday was the first day of school for your kids. I said a prayer for them AND for you! I had to chuckle when I read about your adventures with the school bus...guess it probably wasn't very funny at the time. I am so glad that everything worked out well and am especially happy that your oldest is happy at his high school. Ninth grade is so difficult!
    Here is a link for the cake balls. I just know that you would love to make them!
    Thank you for praying for us!

  9. All in all, God's grace seemed to surround you and your beautiful chldren on their first day of school. Every school year, home or likewise, will have things that need tuning.

    I loved how you shared prayer and praise wrapping the opening asssembly, what a tremendous blessing! It rather puts everything where it needs to be, doesn't it?

  10. So thankful that God is blessing your new beginnings - and several more new beginnings and blessings to come this year :-)

  11. Those pics are hilarious with the buses driving right on by!
    I am glad everyone had a good first day, and mama too:O) HUGS!

  12. sounds like it is working well for you!


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