Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Like Thrift Store Shopping...

In my previous post, I talk about all our trips to Goodwill to get rid of stuff and now I'm talking about buying more stuff?! How ridiculous! But this stuff is good stuff. Big stuff! At fabulous prices! Hello Kijiji! Not only can I purchase other people's unwanted stuff, I can at least decide from the comfort of my home whether I really like and/or need it or not and save myself from impulse buying.

We squeezed in a Kijiji run this week. I was thinking about the little girls (realistically, when am I not) and realized, they need beds. Bunk beds would be good. A couple of dressers would be a good idea too. So I hopped on Kijiji during my afternoon water break and to my complete and utter surprise and excitement was, THE SET! A set of bunk beds, one side by side six drawer dresser, and one tall dresser, that was made by the exact same company as our four older children's furniture. And the price was right too! Definitely a God thing!
So, off the Engineer and I drove to the Big City to have a look and possibly a purchase. We pulled our handy dandy little trailer just in case. Good thing because, now our bedroom houses not only our queen size bed,  glider chair and stool, and cedar chest,  but a set of bunk beds and two dressers. I spent Friday morning scrubbing down the entire set, and then coerced the Boy into helping me start moving the pieces upstairs. Bub claimed the tall dresser saying his wee sisters could have his because he needs the extra drawer for his school uniforms. I agreed, so we did a little bit of extra moving around. Now everything is in place and we're on the hunt for one more bed.

** Note: the top bunk currently works great as a desk provided you like to stand. I was doing some inventory work and needed to be trotting back and forth, so standing was working well for me. Note the computer wallpaper. My favorite dog breed, the border collie. Perhaps someday we will own one, but not right now. We're busy enough, I think. I'll just live vicariously through my cousin who has five of them.


  1. Beautiful Furniture!! What a great find..setting all that up must have you even more excited ;D ~Love Heather

  2. Super find. This is how I feel when I find a really perfect antique on Ebay or at a flea market!

    PS: Box shipped today.

  3. Hooray! Hooray! Everything is shaping up so well! I'm so excited for you!

  4. Oh that is AWESOME! And the same as the stuff you already have?

    Definitely a God-thing.

    Won't those girls feel like part of the family!


  5. I am getting so excited about all that you are doing to get ready for your little girls! You are so creative!

  6. What a great story about God's provision. It looks fabulous! You make me want to go thrifting! :)

  7. Wow - fantastic blessing from God!!!


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