Friday, August 6, 2010

Bye Bye Buzz

We're still here. No vacation plans at all this summer, but I've been busy weeding. Weeding my gardens and all the excess stuff we have collected over the last thirteen years we've lived here. I think we're working on trip number five to Goodwill with a few more yet to come. How embarrassing! Slowly, but surely the clutter is disappearing. Thankfully, when it comes to boys clothes, they can be handed down to the nephews. The girls clothes were being handed down to the niece (sister to the nephews), but I'm thinking we better start hanging on to them. Poor Peanut! She's going to be so sick of stuff by the time it gets to her. On the other hand, will it really have much life left in it by the time it reaches her :oS ?

Speaking of hand-me-downs, Bub has finally outgrown one of his favorite T-shirts. I think he was four when he started wearing it. I told him he couldn't wear it anymore this summer.

I think he was secretly glad ;o). Little Red will be thrilled to wear Buzz next, I'm sure!


  1. I thought it was going to be "Bye bye hair, hello buzz cut"!

    We love hand-me-downs around here. Unfortunately for those we know, blessed few clothes survive our family to continue their journey. :)

    I'm sure Peanut will get a lion's share of new things herself!

  2. I have favorite shirts for my son too and then he has his favorites. I wonder what shirt he'd wear a few years down the road!

    So cute!

    I've been going through closets and dressers too. It's very time consuming isn't it? And it feels so good to unload at the Goodwill! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh that Bub! He's a star, I can tell!

  4. how cute:O)
    I am also embarrassed by how much junk I have accumulated. We are parring down as we are going to have to shove everything into a uhaul very soon. I thought I had already gotten rid of enough, but atlas there is still more we don't NEED:O)


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