Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's About Time!

AWANA has been finished since the end of April. Where the children attend AWANA is not our home church, but we were there every week yet, through the month of May because Bub's teen group still met. We were called that the "girls' awards had arrived (Peach received the third book award and Beans received the Excellence award), could we please pick them up?"

Fast forward to Tuesday, June 8. We're driving by the church on our way to the local greenhouse and I actually surprisingly remember to stop at the church. The girls go into the church and stop at the office. The secretary sees them and says, "you must be the dB girls!"

Ummm, yeah, I guess it was about time we picked up their awards. Way to go our girlies!! You worked hard again this year!


  1. Well done! That's a lot of work :D


  2. There is something very satisfying about completing a task or a course and receiving an award. Setting goals and following through. Great lessons learned!

  3. Yay! We tried Awana for half a year a few years ago, but it was a brand new program for the church hosting it and the program directors didn't have everything set up, etc., so it didn't flow as it should have. There are very few churches here that do Awana, which I find a shame. Seems like it's a great program when everything is in place.

  4. Good job! We miss AWANA so much - it's such a great way to encourage kids (and the mamas and daddies who listen to them) to hide God's Word in their hearts.


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