Friday, June 11, 2010

A New Look

Last week, we had an eye doctor's appointment and a dentist appointment. Beans has a new look!

Three out of four children with glasses now.

And finally none with braces, but three with retainers. (You can't see their retainers too well in the photo. I suggested that they not let them hang out :oP). We're holding out for our dentist's promise of buy four get the fifth one free because we strongly suspect Squirt will be a candidate in the future, and who knows what the Little One will need! Somehow I think Dr.C is going to retire before then, the sneaky guy :o)!


  1. When my third child received her braces we were "given" a 15% discount, 3 out of 4, Charlotte probably does not stand a chance. Maybe I will get a 25% discount!

  2. Her glasses - well, all of their glasses - look really nice. Could have something to do with the happy faces, you think? ;D


  3. I have worn contacts since I was 11 but recently have had to switch to glasses. Your little ones are simply adorable...with or without glasses!

  4. I love this picture. It reminds me of my children. Three of mine wear some sort of eye correction. My youngest daughter only needs it for one eye so we have teased her about getting a with flair! :)

  5. I love this picture. It soo great. Its one of the traits that I am so happy I don't get to pass on. My blindness.


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