Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pool Days

On Saturday morning we were up bright and early putting together our new pool! We have talked in depth over the years about what to do about a pool. We're all serious water lovers! We've talked in ground, above ground, or something else less permanent. In the end we went with the something else. We have some large expenses coming up due to the adoption and the fact that our house needs to be renovated some more before our Little One arrives. Therefore more permanent pools have simply become a luxury that we cannot afford. We're thrilled with our new pool and think it will serve us well.

The most level spot we could find. We never realized how sloped our backyard is.
Yeah! I'm the first on in the pool!!
Help, I'm stuck in the pool!
Don't worry, Dad, Mom and I are (trying) to build the ladder.

It didn't take too long to set up the pool, but we were all dripping from the heat and humidity of the morning. The children of course didn't care, but the Engineer and I thought we should get cleaned up before going into the city to do some errands. Errands completed, we started filling the pool and eventually all ended up in the pool :oD. The Engineer and I were working out the wrinkles on the bottom and because Mom and Dad were in the pool, the temptation became too great for one little girl, who got "dropped" by Mom into the two inches or so of water on the bottom. She was promptly joined by her big sisters who had the foresight to put on swimsuits. More reluctantly, Big Brother joined in too because we all looked like we were having too much fun.

Eventually the fun was over and the wrinkles were worked out. Then the hose had its work cut out for it as it spent the next two days filling the pool. I think it was full around 11:00 am on Monday, and by 12:30 pm, the girls were in the pool. This time Bub couldn't convince himself to join his sisters in the single digit Celcius temperature water. I don't blame him!

By yesterday though, he was in too. Me? I'll wait until it hits the mid to high 20's Celcius, thankyouverymuch! Today it's chilly and rainy, so I may not be going in until mid July ;o)!


  1. brave girls!!! What great helpers you have:O) I love your hair too!

  2. Sure looks like fun!

    We're waiting a bit longer to put ours up. Still cool here.



  3. So fun, Deborah! Looks like you are all set for the hot summer months!

  4. How fun! This looks like the perfect pool solution.

  5. FUN! You need a noodle so you can float around on the hot summer days to come. What a fantastic pool!

  6. We are looking to do something the same you have to let me know where you got your pool it looks great!! Enjoy the swimming ~Blessings Heather

  7. Summur, thank you about my hair. I will admit the colour comes from a bottle. It always goes reddish instead of the natural blonde my kiddos all have.

    Heather, the pool is from Canadian Tire. :oS. Hopefully a store near you will carry the equivalent. The kids have been enjoying ours immensely already. Lots of hours of summer fun.

    Pom Pom, I can hardly wait until it's warm enough that I can float around in it with a noodle! I love floating!

    Blessings all!

  8. Makes me want to have one too!

  9. I am envious! We are experiencing record breaking temps (at 100 degrees F), so a pool would be a wonderful thing to have. It's too hot to even enjoy the beach right now.

  10. I've never seen these pools, what a great option.
    I'm so happy for you guys.
    When we put ours in it was life changing. It's a level playing field so lots of fun for everyone.

    ( catching up here today.... you've been missed )


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