Sunday, June 20, 2010


The television at our house must wonder if it's living with a new family. For a family that typically doesn't watch television, it's been on again quite a bit in the last week. It's the FIFA World Cup afterall! There's a few soccer fans/addicts in our home. This afternoon's game has the Ivory Coast against Brazil. Bub and I will have to watch as it's his favoured team against mine.

Some treats to enjoy during the game:

I wonder if we'll be able to watch the Olympics and the FIFA four years from now? I suspect by then that even the three Canadian stations that we can get will have moved over to high definition.


  1. We have been watching too(but we watch way too many sports:O)!!! Great idea with the soccer treats!

  2. We are addicted to the Olympics. I think I'd go nuts watching a bunch of TV at this time of year--too much to do. Love the treats.

  3. Ooooo, little chocolate (I assume) soccer balls! I'll have to look for some of those for "pockolate chocolates" to bring to the games in the fall ;D



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