Monday, June 21, 2010

1000 Gifts

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I love Ann Voskamp's Monday posts. She takes time amidst the busyness (and she is one very busy Mama) of life to remember to be thankful. It's amazing how much there is to be thankful for when you sit and think about it for a bit. God's blessings abound!

Quiet days at home.

Cabbage white butterflies flitting everywhere.

The joy filled stories of the 3 and 4 year olds in my children's worship class.

Night time swims.

Day time swims.

Sun kissed skin.

An amazing Dad to four beautiful children.

A wonderful concert by the Watoto Children's Choir.

Blue delphiniums.

Family togetherness on the couch while watching soccer.

Bushes and bushes of fragrant lavender.

A sprinkler watering newly planted grass.

First meal from our garden herbs.

No more business trips for the Engineer (for a few months anyway).

Fresh strawberries from our garden.

More strawberries, jammed for wintertime sandwiches.

Laziness in the sunshine.

Morning walks about the gardens coffee in hand.

Baby bird chirps.

Rich creamy ice cream.

Evening walks down the sideroad.

The quiet rocking of our porch swing.

Being able to sit out in the evenings (unlike the last two years).

Being content in knowing that God's plans are greater than ours.

Bare feet.

Sleeping with the windows open night after night.

The rolling thunder of distant storms.

Night time rain showers.
Getting rid of clutter (both mental and physical).

Blissful dreamless sleep.

Campfires in our backyard.

God's Word stands true!

Children who finally fall asleep.

Sunlight dancing in the trees.

Breakfast on the east porch.

Dentist appointments (Healthy teeth are important).

No one with cavities (again!).

Watching the sun set behind our spruce trees.

Early nights to bed at the height of summer.

Early morning talks with God.
Long locks bleached by the sun to brush.

Finally meeting our friends' wee guy fresh from South Africa. He's beautiful and loved very much!

Freshly ground coffee from a sweet friend in the Solomon Islands.

Our children's friends. We love to have them over!

Beach days.

A basement that is getting closer and closer to being finished.

Wildflower garden success.

Fresh cut flowers to enjoy indoors.

Flip flops.

Music that inspires joy.

Sun brewed iced tea.

Lavender blooming everywhere.

Lavender treats from the kitchen.

Preparing for a weekend getaway.

Children with  big imaginations.
How has God blessed you this week? Join the gratitude community at Holy Experience.

In gratitude to God,  for His blessings #'s 475-529.


  1. What encouraging thoughts :D

    And I absolutely love your photos - as always. You truly have a gift of capturing the beauty.


  2. Such beautiful, beautiful photos, Deborah. The peonies are my favorite!

  3. Those are all so beautiful!!!! I love your pics of the sunlight in the trees:O) You are just an awesome writer!!!!!!!

  4. You have pretty toes!
    Contentment. So holy, so sweet, so miraculous.

  5. Deborah,
    Your photos add so much to your blog...I just love to look at them and enjoy them so much.
    I join you in gratitude for the beautiful flowers that decorate your yard. I have never seen lavender growing! Can you believe that?
    I join you in gratitude that your hubby will not have to travel for awhile on business...even though we would love to have him over next time he is in Houston!
    And, I live in flip flops when I am not working. First thing I do is kick off my heels and slip into my flip flops!
    blessins to you, my friend. Enjoy your week and your sweet family.

  6. Awww, thank you each one of you!

    Annesta, I will pick and dry some lavender for you and either mail it to you or send it with the Engineer next time he goes to Houston.


  7. Love your list, as always. Thanks for sharing a peek into your life!

  8. I've just started this a few weeks ago. Lovely photos to accompany the post!


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