Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Break Doings

Although March break always falls on the second week, you never know what the weather is going to hold. I was born on the fourteenth and when my parents brought me home from the hospital five days later, we had a snow storm. This year, people were walking around in t-shirts and shorts. Pushing it a little maybe, but there was definitely no need for the winter woollies. (I was soooo tempted to wash them and put them away).

Last night the Engineer and I went out and did groceries. It was 18C when we went into the grocery store, and 8C when we came out 45 minutes later. Yikes! I was thankful that I had my winter coat on then. Today it's 1C. A twenty degree difference from yesterday.

Anyways, March Break was gorgeous! The Engineer went to work as usual, and Bub went to work for the week too. He works at a nursery. He tags pots and quite enjoys it. (The paycheck for a thirteen year old isn't too shabby either).

The girls spent hours upon hours playing outdoors enjoying the sunshine. I let them just BE. Thus the real ragamuffin look in most of the photos. No hair do's. No clean clothes. Undershirts and winter boots -- have to love that style. I'm so thankful they aren't uber fashion queens having to worry about what brands they're supposed to be wearing -- or not. I sometimes wonder how different that would be if they were still in school...

While they played, I worked on getting the rest of the concrete dust out of the one room in the basement. Scary stuff. I didn't know whether to laugh hysterically or cry and throw a tantrum. It's still not done, but it's getting there. My sanity through it all was this:


  1. Chocolate, tea and a book look like a nice break!!! Happy Birthday to my sweet bloggy friend!!!
    I love your quilts and the girls look so peaceful:O)

  2. Deborah,

    You truly take the most gorgeous photos. I love the pictures of your family; they look so professional yet so intimate. We're having the same weather here: freezing one minute and warm the next (my daughter is in shorts and a tank top today). BTW, I also love your quilts (I'm a big primitive antiques fan and just love hand-pieced quilts--so homey). One last thing, I crack up every time you refer to your husband as The Engineer. I have one, too...and calling him solely by that title is so apt!

  3. Great spring break with your family!
    I love your pictures. They are so great.

  4. It is so nice to be able to be outside again!

  5. I love the winter boots and tank-tops (undershirts?) My boys have done similar things when they don't want to bother with tying shoes...

    Looks like a lovely, relaxing week... except for the concrete dust. ugh!


  6. What a wonderful celebration of your day...and spring! I can't decide what photo of your girls I liked the best since they are all so good.

    Happy belated birthday! The month of March is so unassuming, unpredictable and expectant, a very defined birth month.

    Carpel tunnel woes are mine too. It took me awhile to realize what was this waking up with numbness and tingling and pain! I would very much like to take a tea break with you...sigh, but I will continue to knit, sew, quilt, etc. on, I can't help myself.


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