Monday, March 22, 2010

Blog Issues

I'm having issues with posting lately. I seem to be able to work around them so far. Anyone else having issues posting with blogger? I tried to change the colours of my blog, and that won't work either. I sure hope it's a blogger thing. Hopefully my page will look better in a few days -- if it's a blogger thing and they fix it. I'm getting a little tired of the wintery blue after the gorgeous spring-like week we had here. It's time for some spring brightness on the blog too :o)!


  1. Your pictures sure look great! I would like to know how to add several pictures like you do.
    I know very little. When I have time I play around but that is not very often. I don't know to many tricks.

  2. Your new look is awesome! I love the pictures, so spring!!!! I hope it gets to working for you!

  3. Love the new header, Deborah...SO SPRINGY!!!

    Yes, I have the same issues with blogger. I cannot change any colors. I had someone re-do my blog a few months back, and I think whatever she did is blocking my ability to change colors and sizes though she said I should be able to do it. Trust me...I've tried. I can't! You are not alone!

  4. i haven't tried changing anything lately, but am having issues with comments. How ever many comments my dashboard says I have - I have one less. There's a "ghost comment" in there somewhere. *sigh*

    Love your pics though... kids in the sunshine and laundry on the line both make me happy!


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