Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In the Silence

When I got up this morning, I thought it had snowed over night. Thankfully my eyes weren't totally focused yet. It was simply frost on the garage roof and a heavily fogged morning. It didn't deter the birds though. Their happy songs could be heard drifting out from the tree tops.

It was too foggy for a sunrise this morning, but it was beautiful all the same. The fog began to scud across the still barren fields as the sun climbed higher in the sky.

I slipped out camera in hand to enjoy the birdsong filled silence.

A mere hour later we are greeted with blue blue skys.


  1. You live in such a beautiful place! It looks so peaceful and absolutely lovely. Wide open spaces...I love it! A place I would love to visit.

  2. When I drove to town at 10:00 I could barely see three telephone poles away from the van--it was kind of creepy! Fog in the country can be so much more beautiful than in town!

  3. Hi Deborah! I love the morning quiet. Your photos are stunning!

  4. Great pictures!!!! Love the blue in the last one!

  5. very pretty fog photos!




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